Hola CFSL peeps! I am super excited to announce our NEXT challenge!! It starts May 1st, and it will be a 30 day “paleo” whole food challenge. Please “like” this comment if you are planning to join. It will be a little different this time around as I won’t be reviewing food logs daily and providing feedback. The assumption will be that each person will do their best to follow the guidelines/suggestions to see/feel the best results on day 30.

The kickoff meeting will take place on Saturday, April 27th to those signed up and paid in advance (time TBD). The challenge will cost $50 per person. You can pay via paypal, credit card or check prior to 4/27 to lock in your spot. Please contact me directly to get further details on how this can be accomplished if you are interested. You can Facebook me privately, or email me at Eat2BeeHealthy@Gmail.com. 

This time around I will be providing 4 nutrition sessions – one each week (time/date TBD). These sessions will only be accessible to those participating in the challenge as they are being provided at a discounted rate to those participating (included in the $50 sign up).

Session 1 – Kickoff Meeting – Duration: 1-2 hrs 


Guidelines for challenge – Yes & No Foods

Challenge Booklet – Printed for each challenger: 

*Eat real food priority guide
*Healthy foods handout
*Protein, fat, and carbohydrate – % goal, exercise needs
*Portion size guide
*Elimination guide (No Foods)
*30 day meal plan ideas + dinner recipes
*Online “private” Facebook group – created for the challenger’s to post their success/failures on the challenge with their nutrition goals daily, questions while on the challenge that they want/need answered by me, photos of their meals that day to share w/ the group, recipe ideas while on the challenge if you decide to venture out and make your own recipes aside from the 30 day meal plan, etc.

Challenge Incentive (aside from being and feeling healthy eating foods full of nutrition) – PRIZES!

This time around we will take before/after photos of every challenger on April 27th and June 1st. I would suggest wearing something snug or removing your tank/shirt for photos if you are comfortable so we can see true photo results start/finish. 

At the end of the challenge the top 4 female (2) & male (2) winners will be chosen by participants in a anonymous photo vote using survey monkey. The photos will have the faces cropped off for the sake of the survey and privacy of photos. Each of the four individuals will win a monetary prize (and this amount will be announced once the tally on challenger sign up is confirmed). 

There will also be a few other ways to win prizes and those will be announced each week.

Session 2: Fueling for Workouts/Exercise – 30min-1hr

*Includes handouts to take home from the session.

Session 3: Label Comparison – 1 hr

*Compare labels as a group (Handout to take home)
*Challenger exercise 
Each participant will bring in a favorite food item (this can be healthy or not but it has to have an ingredient list and nutrition facts label). If it’s unhealthy we will be donating or tossing it out. This will make sure you don’t get tempted to consume it when you get back home. Everyone will break out into groups and work together on evaluating the ingredient list and nutrition facts and picking the best of the items in their group. Each groups will discuss why they picked that item of the choices available to them. 

Session 4: After the challenge – NOW what? – 1hr 

*How do I properly introduce foods back into my diet, and see if they caused a reaction?
*Discuss ways to stay on track once the challenge has ended

– A few of my favorite quotes – 

“If you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live?” ~Unknown

“If you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it” ~Common sense

“Mainstream medicine would be way different if they focused on prevention even half as much as they focused on intervention…” ~Anonymous

“The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.” ~Thomas Edison

“True healthcare reform starts in your kitchen, not in Washington” ~Anonymous

As a side note I would like to mention that I recently completed the 21 day sugar detox in March and I PRd on 4-6 things during that time frame. Eating clean, getting good sleep, stressing less really helps with your goals at the gym!

Eating junk will limit your long term ability to meet your goals whatever they might be when it comes to health, fitness, digestion, energy, sleep, etc.

Who’s with me!?! The materials for the challenge will need to be printed off prior to our kick off, so everyone should plan to sign up/pay prior to 4/24 to confirm your spot at the kick off meeting 4/27. 

Chrissy B, NC
Eat2Bee Healthy Nutrition

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