Another day of good lifting.  In regards to the food challenge, if it really seems too difficult then do it for a few days or a week and see how your body responds and see how easy it really is.   The challenge starts tomorrow, however, if you would like to join in starting Wednesday, that is fine.

ANNOUNCEMENT: We are starting a yoga class on the 13th at 8:15am.  The class will count as one of your weekly classes or you can try it out for a special drop in fee of $10, the drop in fee will be $15 for non-CFSL members.  We have decided to add yoga because I know it is vital for you to have full range of motion and muscle length to be a faster, stronger CrossFitter.  This class is on a trial basis to gauge interest so please consider attending if the time works for you and bring a friend.  Post to comments your thoughts.


This blurry figure is Jason B. blowin it out!

Tuesday's WOD:
A little chipper for ya'

1000m Row

50 Double Unders

10 Push Jerk (80-85% of 1 RM of Jerk or ~130% of 1 RM shoulder press)

20 Front Squats with same weight from jerk

30 Pull Ups

40 Dips


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