Ok, Sunday we have tons of changes, please focus.  CrossFit Classes will be 8:30 and 9:30 from March 10th through April 7th.  Yoga will be 10:45am to 11:45am March 10th through April 7th.  Games Open WOD will be Sundays at 12, except for March 17th (more on that later).  Sunday is also the time change, Spring Forward.  Do you have all of this?  Thank you!


Sunday’s WOD:

A) Time Cap of 18mins: score is number of push ups completed.

100 Push Ups: Every time you rest, run 400m.

*if your max consecutive push ups is 11-19reps, then scale to 70 push ups.  if your max consec. push ups is 0-10, scale to 50 push ups.

B)  AMRAP 10min:

Sit Ups 15

Air Squats 12

DB Bent Over Rows 9 (heavy as you can take)


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