The little ones working on their fine motor skills!

Our kids program is off to a pretty good start.  We are low on the 10-13yo range and would love more kids in the class to keep it going!  Non members are also welcome.  This is a great age group to get involved with sporting or physical activities to help with self esteem and body image as well as prep for organized sports programs like football/baseball/etc.  The 6-9yo and 3-5yo groups are doing well and learning to love their fitness routines.

Check this website out for lots of stats on why sports and physical activity is so important for the children.




Sunday’s WOD:


5 Rounds

400m Run

15 Overhead Squats  (wt:43/30kg)

**Scale the weight as needed.  Compare to 11/24/14.  This is for the board.  Keep your reps and counting legitimate!  Overall and Masters, please make sure you write up on the board next to the restroom if you make it on the records board!

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