You guys made this tough on me!  The people’s choice award goes to “Stewie”.  The Best Picture goes to Jolly.  And the best effort goes to Joe H.  Everybody wins a prize.  It’s going to be great, I promise!  Congratulations.

This week’s extra credit is: foam roll your ITB/Quad/Lat/Thoracic Spine/Bum.  Don’t own a foam roller?  Use a large PVC pipe, lacrosse ball, softball, etc.  Spend about 45sec on each muscle.  Post those pictures on facebook and instagram.

Wednesday’s WOD:

A.  Trunk Fun: Tabata Hollow Holds, One Leg Bridge, Side Plank.

B.  Turkish Get Ups: 15 Each Side increase in weight as able.

C.  1000m Row For Time.

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