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Happy Hump Day!  Looking to get stronger and not sure why you aren’t getting there?  Or maybe you do realize you aren’t eating enough and you just aren’t sure how much is needed of each macronutrient to excel in the gym.  Before I go into this I wanted to state my personal thoughts about weight loss, muscle gain & strength in the gym.

If you want to get stronger, you must eat REAL whole food loaded with good healthy fats, a GOOD amount of protein (in some cases more than you really think you might need) & some veggie carbs (sourced mainly dense & non starch veggies).  Simply restricting calories and not eating enough to sustain your energy needs, is not the way to go when your goals are to lose fat, gain muscle & get STRONGER in the gym!  I will say this again…starving yourself of nutrients and restricting calories is not the way to long term health or lifting heavier & getting faster.   Yes, as the old saying goes cut calories = weight loss, but does that mean it’s healthy & achievable long term? No.  How many people do you know that restrict calories and actually maintain their weight & gain muscle mass long term and talk about how great and strong they feel from eating this way?  I know VERY few people that can succeed at this method of thinking when it comes to nutrition.  I  tend to see this with a lot of people who look at weight loss only from a restricting calorie approach.  You can’t outsmart your body it knows that it needs nutrient dense WHOLE foods to gain muscle, lose fat & keep stable hormones (which have a HUGE part in your over health & muscle gain long term).  When you cut calories (carbs, fat & protein) you might lose weight,  but keep in mind you are and will pay a price by reducing your muscle mass (which means you won’t GET stronger or lift heavier in the gym).  If you want to be successful in the gym or at any sport for that matter EAT real NUTRIENT dense foods and you WILL see/feel a difference.  Dump that old way of thinking and stop starving yourself and get STRONGER!

Below are some basic guidelines for athletic/powerlifting performance.   The best way to know if something is working for you is to keep a journal just like you do for crossfit, but this should include food choices, digestion, sleep, exercise regimen, day/night energy levels & supplements being taken.  This will help you fine tune what is not working in your daily routine so you can work on making changes where needed to achieve your goals.  
If you have any detailed questions, please feel free to reach out to me directly.  I offer 30% off of my listed prices for my nutritional coaching services to Crossfit San Leandro members, and do offer payment plans if needed.  Contact details are below at the bottom of this post.
– Dietary Flags/Goals –
*Up to 2 hrs prior to workout – consume protein and fat – based on estimated needs outlined below.
*During workouts (body can’t digest effectively while working out) – Water only, or Homemade sports drinks
*0-90 minutes after workout – Protein, fat & carbs – based on estimated needs outlined below.
  • EAT enough food with breakfast, lunch and dinner!!
    • Fatigue or low performance are good indicators that you are not consuming enough protein, fat and carbs
    • Chew each bite of food 20-30x before swallowing
      • Helps with assimilation of the macro and micronutrients from the food and helps with absorption into the body
  • FAT
    • Hungry, bonking, spaced, drained, hitting the wall, etc? 
      • ADD more fat or dense carbs 
        • Energy is sustained longer with fat. PERIOD!
        • Dont be afraid of good healthy FAT!!!
          • Your muscles prefer FAT as their # 1 source of FUEL!
          • Burning fat for fuel – ensures the body will become leaner
      • Coconut – milk, meat, butter and oil
        • Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) readily absorbed and burned for energy, not stored.
        • Enhances thermogenesis and contributes to fat/weight loss
      • Don’t go LOW fat! Your brain, hormones & body NEED fat to function properly! This is NOT the place to skimp in your diet. DON’T FRET the FAT in your diet if it’s coming from optimal healthy sources!
        • Add good fat on top of your veggies and meat with each meal. 
        • If you are hungry between meals and you ate enough protein it’s a sign you aren’t eating enough good healthy FAT or you are dehydrated.
    • Stay under 150g of carbs per day 
      • Sourced mainly from vegetables and not grains
        • Add at least 2 organic veggies for every serving of protein – Helps maintain PH balance (too much protein cause acidosis in the body and varied veggies help combat this)
      • Starchy CARBS (aka dense carbs) 
        • Eat approximately 50-75g+ of carbs in meals pre/post workout depending on the length/intensity of your WODs.  
          • Track how you feel, and add/subtract these dense carb sources based on your performance/energy levels. 
            • Some people feel best eating their dense carbs 1.5hrs prior to a WOD and some feel better consuming them 30-90 min after.  No one body is the same, so what works for one person might not work for the next.  Keep logs and so you can track how you feel and adjust accordingly.
          • Dense Carb sources: sweet potato, yam, yucca, 
            • Serving size: size of computer mouse – about 1 cup raw.
    • Determine estimated protein needs based on daily workout regimen.  
    • This can be determined very easily by taking your body weight x .05 (low active-sedentary) or .07(very active) = total for day needed on average. Divide that number by 3 to get your goal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
      • Ex: 166lbs * .7 (10+hrs per week of crossfit, powerlifting, endurance, or stressful times, etc) = 116g protein daily
        • 38-40 grams needed with breakfast, lunch and dinner – ideally from animal sources
    • One – 3oz serving of protein (size of fist or deck of cards) = 20g roughly of protein
    • Choose MEAT over protein powder 
      • A few bites of meat has just as much protein as a scoop of processed protein powder
    • Optimal protein intake may help prevent immune suppression brought on by strenuous exercise
    • Drink minimum of 6-10 glasses of water daily to spare kidneys
      • Half glass only at meals to preserve “digestive fire”
    • If lifting/xfit and you get thirsty, you are ALREADY dehydrated
      • The brain receives the message of dehydration after it has already occurred in the body
    • Dehydration reduces performance and risks overheating in the body with workouts
    • During training – Drink enough water to urinate every 2 hours
    • Urine should be nearly clear not dark.  If your urine is dark it is a sure sign you are dehydrated
      • Exception to this rule is if you are taking supplements, because they can turn your urine dark yellow/green.
  • Smart Training 
    • Listen to your body, take rest or recovery days when necessary.  
    • When you are in pain (pain from injury not just a hard workout), hinders the healing process from the inflammation brought on by this injury.  Allowing yourself to rest & heal will help you come back stronger.
  • Sleep
    • Sleep at least 8hrs every night in a dark room to allow the body time to fully recover and ensure optimal hormonal balance.
    • Remember this is a choice and something you have decided to do for you. Let go of the baggage you might be holding with the old food, and allow yourself to experience this new way of eating and reap the rewards inside and out! You can do it!
Love, Live, Lift, Laugh, Eat & BEE Healthy Doing It!  Feel free to print this and keep on your fridge to help you along in the process.
Thursday’s WOD:
Strength: Banded Deadlift: 5x3reps at ~50% 1RM DL
Power Snatch: Rx wt: 61kg/43kg.  DO WHAT IS APPROPRIATE FOR YOU!  These must be with good form.  If the form is sketchy, your coach will let you know to reduce your weight.  Speed, power, and accuracy!
This will be an EMOM 5reps for 5 rounds.  Please spend time warming up and getting the movement correct prior to choosing your working weight.
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