Heads up people! Every month we will be holding a “Challenge WOD’.  The WOD will be posted on the board at the begining of the month and again at the end. It’s everyone’s goal to improve their performance.  Also there will be a skill of the month which will be posted on the board. The goal is to master that skill or improve your ability to perform said skill.

The Handstand Push up

One thing you should definitely watch out is the placement of your arms. Basically the arms mustn’t go to the side of your body like in a press behind the neck, but follow their natural position, similar to how you would perform a shoulder press, with your elbows pointing forward.

A common consequence of poor technique is a nasty pain inside the shoulder from an injured rotator cuff. Work on training yourself out of this bad habit. One final tip is to look forward instead of at the ground. This will align your body right for maximum strength.  The picture on the right is incorrect.

Scale the handstand pushup to work with you. There are multiple ways to sclae the HSPU, just ask the trainers.  If you do not have the strength to do the full pushup (head to the ground) then place an abmat or something similar to give yourself a mark on how low to go. People make the mistake of not doing so and instead just making a break in the elbow and immediately pressing out. The issue with this is lack of uniformity. You might get 5 inches down, then on the next rep, 2, so on and so forth. If you ever truly want to get a full handstand push up you will have to push yourself to your limits. Scale accordingly.



Handstand Push Up 

Ring Dip

Push up

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