We’ve decided to switch gears on this event on October 22nd.  There just weren’t enough teams signed up to warrant a full blown competition.  Let’s use this time to generate some very necessary goods for people in our communities.   Please read below.   Again, if you need help forming teams, just ask us.  My goal is to donate 1500 diapers and 200+lbs of food.  Let’s make a big impact!

Teams of 3
You MUST have 1 guy and 2 girls on each team.
One Large box of diapers (90+ count) and 12 items of canned or dry foods per team to participate.


Team “Jackie” 15min Cap (1000m row, 50 thrusters 20kg/15kg, 30 pull ups)
Teammate 1 starts on rower, teammate 2 may start the row when teammate one finishes the row, same with teammate three. Each station must be completed by preceding teammate prior to next teammate in line starting. If a teammate is unable to do pull ups, the other teammates may tag in SO LONG as they’ve finished their entire Jackie first.

B. 3RM Deadlift: Team has 10min to establish a 3RM deadlift. This will be on a 28.5mm bar (the yellow marked bars).

C. AMRAP 9 min 6 Hang Squat Cleans (60kg/45kg)/3 Shoulder to Overhead (60kg/45kg)/30 Double Unders
There will be two bars (28.5mm w/ 60kg, a 25mm bar w/ 45kg) set up in a marked off work zone. Each teammate may leave their jump rope in this area. On GO, one teammate will run into work zone and start the AMRAP. Other teammates stay in “holding area”. To switch out teammates, person in work zone must run to holding area to tag a teammate in. Each teammate must complete at least one rep in the work zone during the 9min.

Because this is a fundraiser, you can scale or change the workouts to be suitable for your current level.


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