It’s time to shed the light on my brother from another mother, Luke.  Luke came to us a little de-conditioned, shall we say.  One of his first workouts that took him approx. 2o mins he could do right now in less than 6.  When he started he used the big blue band for pull ups, barely squatted 150lbs, deadlift was ~240lbs, couldn’t run for an entire workout, blah, blah.  He came in ready to work though, he immediately went to 4 days a week and made huge gains.  He started Rx’ing workouts within 3 months and all his strength numbers have significantly gone up. All his pull ups are on his own muscle, no bands for him.  His squat is well over 200lbs, his deadlift just went over 300lbs.  All these things are awesome and are 100% because of his dedication and consistency to his 4xweek.  But what really makes him stand out to me is this week he PR’d his deadlift pushing him into the 300lb club.  This is important because several months ago he had almost given up on the deadlift because of it causing him back pain.  Instead of giving up, he decided to go down in weight and work on his form until he could complete the DL without any negative response from his back.  And this week he PR’d!  That’s commitment and trusting the process.  It would have been easy to say ‘F’ it and focus on something else.   Awesome work, brother.


Thursday’s WOD:

1 minute stations (complete 3 rounds)


Weighted Sit Ups

Back Extensions


Box Taps

Dumbell Clean and Jerk (wt: 35, 25lb)


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Deanna · June 16, 2011 at 11:55 pm

GREAT JOB LUKE!! Keep up the awesome work!

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