11024199_10206174139454891_6917047153314869239_nGreat turn out for our first Friday Night Lights CrossFit Open Event!  Thank you so much to the cheering section and athletes.  You both gave it your all!  It makes such a difference to have people cheering you on.  This week we will do the large group on Saturday around 11:15am.  I hope a lot of you will come out to cheer on the group.

Monday’s WOD:


KB or DB Bent Over Rows: one arm at a time.  3×5 each side, as heavy as possible.  If the weight isn’t heavy enough, use a barbell.

Alternate the above with Pike Push Ups: 3×5-8reps.  Pikes, not handstand push ups.




KB Swings (Rx: 53/35lbs Rx+: 70/53lbs)

Single Leg V-Ups

*Scale the weight as needed.

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