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This is a photo of my Beyond The Whiteboard calendar.  The green color means I worked out.  The blue means I did not.   Now, Sundays and Thursdays are recovery days for me, so I only walk, jog, or bike.  Please don’t think all those green days are intense, my body won’t tolerate that much training.  I challenge myself every month to get every single day green.  To count, I must workout for 20mins total or more.  Even walking for 20min counts.  The importance is that I am mindfully choosing to spend 20mins taking care of my health.  As you can see, Sundays are my least consistent days.  I asked myself how I could solve this problem.  The biggest obstacle was that I didn’t want to leave my family on Sunday, so I just put it off until the evening and then I found excuses not to do my jog or walk.

This month I’ve decided to include the family and let go of how the walk/jog looks.  There is no concern for the mileage or anything, I just time it while I jog along side them on the scooter or bike.  This past weekend I ran up and down some little hills much to the kids’ happiness.  So far I am 10 for 10 days this month!

This isn’t to toot my own horn, I am telling you all of this in hopes that you will also challenge yourselves to a all green month.  Do yoga, dancing, walk, or whatever you like on your non-CrossFit days.  Consistency is the key to success!  If you find recurring obstacles, see if you can work around them.  Who’s with me?  What fun ways can you incorporate more activity into your days?

Attendance Challenge

We will have our holiday attendance challenge again through the major holidays.  Stay tuned for details.  This challenge is to encourage everyone to stay consistent through the holiday season when it is tough to stay focused!

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