Have you noticed the beautiful coffee bar?  Please read below for more information.

Self Service Coffee/Tea Bar

We set this up because we moved to a location where getting a quick cup of coffee is challenging.  We ask the following of those who enjoy this coffee/tea bar:

1.   Learn how to use each thing properly to avoid breakage.

2.  Once you are finished making your coffee, please immediately

  • Empty your grinds in the green bin.

  • Carry the dirty filters, etc to the sink in the plastic transport vessel.  Rinse them thoroughly and put back in the tray.

  • Wipe up any spillage.  There are paper towels in the top right hand drawer.

3.  You may store a clean cup in the far right hand cabinet.  Dirty ones will be tossed.  

4.  We ask that you make a contribution to the coffee fund so we are able to continue to buy the coffee, tea, and condiments.  There is a money box on the end of the bar.  One dollar per cup is sufficient.  Put this in every time or let it add up and throw it in at the end of the week.  


Tuesday’s WOD:


Shoulder Press 5×5@80% of 1RM.  If you do not know this, go to something that feels heavy by the fifth rep and stick with that same weight for all five sets.


Tabata: 8 Rounds of 20 secs on/10 secs off


Pull Ups

Push Ups

DB Push Press (you choose the weight, should be light to moderate)


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