Congratulations to Nicole aka “Littlest Lifter” Lim who performed at the USA Weightlighting Nationals…. She did great by “PR’ing” Both Snatch at 44kg and Clean and Jerk 54kg… she was only 2 kg off from making the Olympic trials and this was only her 2 weightlifting competition!  I can only imagine what will happen next year– Way to go NICOLE!!!  Nicole wanted to say a special “thank you” for all the support and donations to make this event happen.  Who’s next? 🙂

So proud of our Coaches and Nicole!

Get home safe we miss you all….

Saturday’s WOD


10 rounds

10 Thrusters (43kg, 30kg)

10 Ring Push ups


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Patrick · December 2, 2011 at 9:33 pm

Nicole, she’s so hot right now……Nicole…..

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