• CrossFit Classes

    CrossFit Classes

    Group classes focusing on improving the overall physical condition of each participant. The intensity and difficulty of each workout will be appropriate for each participant’s current ability. In the classes we will work on strength, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, coordination, power, etc., as well as have some fun.

  • CFSL Kids Classes

    CFSL Kids Classes

    CrossFit Kids is CrossFit specifically designed for children and pre-teens. There is a vast difference between how children, pre-teens, and adults build strength. The CrossFit Kids program pays specific attention to these differences and aims to promote fitness at age appropriate levels. CrossFit Kids focuses on making fitness FUN.

    Click here for more information about Crossfit Kids!

    • Amanda Low

      Amanda Low


      Amanda was introduced to CrossFit by her older brother and had her first experience in New Orleans where she was serving for AmeriCorps. Amanda played sports (basketball and soccer) through high school, but had become bored with just running for the past 3 years. She immediately fell in love with the challenge of CrossFit and the feeling of being apart of a community again. When she moved back to the Bay Area, she found herself at the doors of CrossFit San Leandro. It did not take long for her to feel welcome in their intimate space at the time.

      Amanda has been with CFSL for almost 5 years and has been a coach for 4 years. In that time, she has not only seen the community grow by times 20, she has also grown as a person. Amanda has a passion for teaching the Olympic lifts and gymnastic skills. She has coached youth basketball teams, been a camp counselor, and a supervisor at a school for emotionally disturbed children. She is also one of CFSL’s crossfit kids coaches.


      • Crossfit Level 1 Certification
      • Bachelor of Arts in Social Work

  • Powerlifting / Strength Class

    Powerlifting / Strength Class



    Strength class based on a modified conjugate system.  The classes are broken up into upper and lower body days.  Monday and Tuesday are lower body, including the trunk.  Wednesday and Friday are upper extremity.  The class starts with one of the slow lifts (ex: deadlift, bench press, etc), then three to four accessory exercises finish out this hour long class.  You do not need to attend a full CrossFit Basics or full Intro sessions to attend powerlifting/strength class.  Everyone will be required to attend One Intro Session with one of our Powerlifting coaches to ensure safety, proper form, and to understand the program.

    Please email info@crossfitsl.net to set this up.

    • Joanie Gemignani

      Joanie Gemignani


      Prior to CrossFit San Leandro, Joanie’s background consisted of Olympic Weightlifting, running, triathlons, softball, dirt bikes, snowboarding, and soccer.  She was introduced to Olympic weightlifting by Donny Shankle who coached her for several years. She immediately fell in love with the sport of Olympic weightlifting and has competed in numerous local meets on CFSL’s weightlifting team.   Olympic weightlifting led her to CrossFit in 2011, which reignited that team sport mentality and desire to push herself to new limits.

      She is a mother of two children and knows what it takes to get back in shape. After having her first child, she suffered constant low back pain for years.  Through weightlifting and her training at CrossFit San Leandro, she has been able to maintain a healthy, strong, and pain free back.  She is passionate about helping the members of CFSL reach their goals and live the healthy life they dream of.

      Joanie wears many hats at CrossFit San Leandro.  She is the gym/office manager, coach, director of social media, and the list goes on.  If you have photos or videos for Facebook or Instagram, email her at: joanie@crossfitsl.net.


      • Crossfit Level 2 Certification
      • USAW Level 1 Sports and Performance Coach
      • Crossfit Kids Certification
      • NCSF Personal Trainer Course

    • Jason Burnett

      Jason Burnett


      As a teen I was diagnosed with Scoliosis, and was required to have spinal surgery which required having 2 metal rods surgically attached to my spine so that I would not be paralyzed. After surgery, I was constantly told of all the things that I could not do, or would NEVER be able to do in my life. A number of years later, I tore my Meniscus off the bone in my knee, and was required to have surgery to drill it back down into place. Again I was told of all the movements and activities I would be unable to do. Looking to rehab my knee, I found CrossFit San Leandro. After meeting Ruth, I decided to join and see what I could do. For the first time, I was told by someone of all the things I COULD do, with a little hard work. I fell in love with CrossFit, and soon realized that Ruth and LeeAnne were extraordinary people who could get me to where I wanted to be. In just over 2 years, I have lost almost 40 pounds, I have become a CrossFit Trainer, a competitive Powerlifter at a Class 2 with a 1,095 pound total, and have increased my Back Squat and Dead Lift by over 200 pounds in each lift. Not to mention, I can actually run now, and not die. My goal is to be able to do for others what Ruth and LeeAnne did for me; that you can do anything you want and do things you never imagined, with a little hard work..


      • Crossfit Level 1 Certification
      • Crossfit Power Lifting Certification
      • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration with a Minor in Business Administration

  • Olympic Weightlifting

    Olympic Weightlifting


    Olympic Weightlifting includes two lifts, the snatch and the clean and jerk. This class will consist of variations of these lifts to improve technique, speed, and power. The class size is limited to ensure enough individualized attention for each participant.  All levels are welcome to this class. If you would like to attend this class without attending CrossFit classes, please email info@crossfitsl.net. Pre-registration for these classes is required.

    CrossFit San Leandro’s Olympic Weightlifting program is coached by and designed by Ruth Pardue. Ruth is a Level 2 USA Weightlifting coach having coached multiple senior and collegiate athletes to the national level. Also, she is the 2013 Masters World Champion, 2013 Pan American Masters Silver medalist, 2014 Pan American Masters Gold medalist and six time Pan American Masters record holder. She has coached people with zero experience in weightlifting to the podium at master’s meets, top ten at University Nationals, and Senior Nationals. If you want to learn the olympic lifts properly, this is the class for you.

    Recovering from an injury or surgery? Ruth Pardue, PT, DPT specializes in writing programs for people wanting to return to weightlifting after an injury or surgery. Please email info@crossfitsl.net with questions.

    • Ruth Pardue

      Ruth Pardue


      We started CrossFit San Leandro to share with others our love for physical activity and sport.  I have been a Physical Therapist since 2002, with special training in manual therapy and orthopedics.   My first experience with CrossFit was in 2007.  My background prior to that included basketball, volleyball, triathlon, and general weightlifting.  As I became more familiar with the CrossFit training methods, I fell more in love.  The combination of intensity, constant variation, and community was everything I loved about sport and fitness.  Not to mention, it delivered results like I had never experienced.  Now I have the joy of showing others how they too can achieve their goals and do things they never thought possible.   I am constantly growing my knowledge through continuing education courses and training with some of the best coaches in the sport of Olympic weightlifting to ensure our program delivers the best training available.  I am available for Olympic Weightlifting coaching, programming, and post-injury or surgery programming.  Programming for people recovering from and injury or surgery is one of my specialties and passions.   Please email info@crossfitsl.net if you have questions.


      • Co-Owner/Founder/Head of Program Design
      • Doctor of Physical Therapy
      • Masters of Physical Therapy
      • Bachelor of Science in Health & Human Performance
      • Crossfit Level 1 Certification
      • USAW National Level Coach

      • Coached the CFSL Women’s Olympic Weightlifting Team to 3rd Place Overall at 2012 American Open Championships
      • 2013 Pan American Masters Weightlifting Silver Medalist
      • 2013 World Masters Games and 2013 International Weightlifting Federation World Masters Gold Medalist
      • 2014 Pan American Masers Weightlifting Gold Medalist Breaking Six Records

  • Specialty Courses and Events


    The class focuses on  proper technique, building endurance on the rower, and strategies for WODs with rowing in them.  You will only row during the class. You will see improvements in your trunk strength, leg strength, cardiovascular endurance and muscular endurance, and technique.  Individuals with no prior experience are welcome.  Please email info@crossfitsl.net if you have questions or would like to join this rowing class.  Register here.