CrossFit San Leandro Group Classes

CrossFit Group Class focuses on improving the overall physical condition of each participant. The intensity and difficulty of each workout will be modified for each participant’s current ability. In class we will work on strength, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, coordination, power, etc., as well as have some fun.

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Harmony Health Group Classes

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CrossFit Kids Classes

CrossFit Kids is CrossFit specifically designed for children and pre-teens. There is a vast difference between how children, pre-teens, and adults build strength. The CrossFit Kids program pays specific attention to these differences and aims to promote fitness at age appropriate levels. CrossFit Kids focuses on making fitness FUN.

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Power Lifting/Strength Classes

Strength class is run in eight week blocks, Mon and Thurs evening at 6:30pm.  The classes are broken up into upper and lower body days.  Monday is lower body.  Wednesday is upper extremity.  The class starts with one of the slow lifts (ex: deadlift, bench press, etc.), then three to four accessory exercises finish out this hour long class.

Olympic Lifting Classes. We are not holding Oly classes at this time.  Private coaching, rehab, and programming available. 

Olympic Weightlifting includes two lifts, the snatch and the clean and jerk. This class will consist of variations of these lifts to improve technique, speed, and power. The class size is limited to ensure enough individualized attention for each participant.  All levels are welcome to this class. If you would like to attend this class without attending CrossFit classes, please email Pre-registration for these classes is required.

CrossFit San Leandro’s Olympic Weightlifting program is coached by and designed by Ruth Pardue. Ruth is a Level 2 USA Weightlifting coach having coached multiple senior and collegiate athletes to the national level. Also, she is the 2013 Masters World Champion, 2013 Pan American Masters Silver medalist, 2014 Pan American Masters Gold medalist and six time Pan American Masters record holder. She has coached people with zero experience in weightlifting to the podium at master’s meets, top ten at University Nationals, and Senior Nationals. If you want to learn the olympic lifts properly, this is the class for you.

Recovering from an injury or surgery? Ruth Pardue, PT, DPT specializes in writing programs for people wanting to return to weightlifting after an injury or surgery. Please email with questions.