From the organizer:

We’re really excited to announce our first ever “CrossFit Day at the Oakland A’s” on Sunday, September 7. Each person who purchases a special “CrossFit Day” ticket will get access to the pregame WOD where a group of NorCal’s top CrossFit athletes will compete. Each person will also receive a commemorative A’s CrossFit T-shirt.

 I’d love to see if we can put together a group from your gym to attend the event. By putting together a group of 25 or more people, your group members will receive discounted tickets and a nice block of seats together. Tickets for groups of 25+ are $25, while tickets online are $34/each after fees.

 This event is not limited to only CrossFitters – we also want to make this a family centric day at the A’s. Please feel free to invite family and friends too!

If you would like to attend, please sign up at the front desk or email  Let’s do this!

Wednesday’s WOD:


EMOM x 5 Mins: 5 HSPU or Pikes and 5 Toes to Bar.  Both must be completed in the minute.


4 Rounds

400m Run

400m Row

*Start with either and share nicely.


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