• Challenges Update

    Our October BTWB challenge winner was Michele R.  Her goal was 27 of 31 days, I believe.  She ended up doing 30 days of the month!  Nice work, Michele.  Are you guys still working on logging your workouts?  Post it on social media and we will pick a winner for Nov. and Dec. Attendance challenge

  • End Of Year

    As of Tuesday, we had 90 days until the end of the year.  This is the time of year that I see people really struggle to stay with their plan/goal.  The holiday parties, the end of year work demands, the shopping, the stress, the emotional toll holidays take on some of us, etc.   I’m

  • Holiday Party

    This year’s holiday party will be at the Metropolitan Golf Links.  Please register online via your MindBody account.  We will have a fun night of dancing, laughing, and enjoying great company.    Dress is semi-formal.

  • Get Outside The Box

    Ok, team.  I’ve done it, I have registered for a triathlon.  Please understand I’ve spent MONTHS trying to get all my 1-3rep maxes up, up, up and now I’m going to go do all the cardio activities.  Why???  To support my eldest child.  J-Max is registered for the kids triathlon at noon and I am

  • Mental Work Mondays

    This one is near and dear to my heart.  Being perfect vs. being your best.   Let me know what you all think of that final quote.

  • Mental Game Monday

    An article on how to let go a little when it’s appropriate.  Anyone relate to overthinking situations?   Like any of these articles, this can relate to more than just athletic endeavors.  Consider where in your life you overanalyze and stymie yourself.

  • Throwback Thursday

    To Lift Up Autism 2016.  Fun workout and awesome group.  We are planning to support the cause again this year, but possibly in a different way.  Stay tuned!  This usually goes down in Sept.

  • Hands Revisited…Again.

    Some thoughts on hand rips. 1.  Re-gripping or moving your hands a lot during the set.   Reduce the amount of friction by not moving around so much on the bar.  If you are re-gripping every 2-3 reps, this is way too much and will definitely lead you to rips.  Stay put! 2.  Too much

  • Mental Game

    This title is a little dramatic, but there are some good tips in here.   One of the things I am working on right now to keep myself healthier, is putting my phone on airplane mode.  This is tough because I have a lot of responsibilities, some of which cannot wait.   But they can

  • BBQ Tomorrow

    We have sites three and four reserved.  Looking forward to a fun day.  My plan is to get there right at 10am, if you get there any earlier, start setting up shop.