I have been fighting with my calluses lately so I thought I would post this article about hand care.   A few things not mentioned, or I missed, are to avoid excessive use of chalk on high rep pullups.  Chalk is to dry your hands not to make a glove.  And using tape on your thumbs and fingers on bar workouts or even pull up workouts helps immensely.  Ask if you aren’t sure how to tape your hands.  Generally just think about what hurts when you finish or where you get red spots and then figure out how to cover it with tape that won’t interfere with your performance or safety.  We have some tape, but I do expect you guys to get your own and bring it just like water, towels, clothes, and positive outlooks.

Wednesday’s WOD:

Split Jerk at 50% of 1 RM

3x10reps with  60 seconds rest between sets.  The 10 reps are to be done unbroken.


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