• Reminder

    We are having the Nutrition class this Saturday at 10:15am.  Please register via this link.  We will go over what is in the food we eat in regards to protein/carb/fat, carb tolerance, the biggest mistakes, and a basic guideline for what to eat.  This is a free class and open to non CFSL members. Thursday’s

  • Grassfed vs Grain Fed Beef

    http://reset-you.blogspot.com/2015/07/grassfed-vs-grain-fed-beef-is-there.html Cheers, Chrissy Chrissy Bernazzani, NE, NC Holistic Nutritionist + Fitness Coach Wednesday’s WOD: Skill: Kipping Pull Ups Conditioning: “Nancy” 5 Rounds 400m Run 15 Overhead Squats (43kg/30kg) *Please reduce weight and reps as needed.  If you know you are very tight in the chest and upper back, please use a lighter weight and be

  • Happy Tuesday

    Tuesday’s WOD: Strength: 3RM Weighted Pull Up Conditioning: 4 Rounds 40 Double Unders 16 DB Power Snatches  (you choose the weight) 8 Pike Push Ups *NO handstand push ups, pikes only.

  • Mentality Monday

    Some things to think about trading in.  Would you trade any of these things in for the other? Monday’s WOD: Strength/Skill: Snatch Deadlift & Shrug:  5×2@ a moderate weight to heavy weight.  Perfect form. Conditioning: Tabata Trunk Single Leg Deadlift with KB Suitcase Carries with KB Hollow Rocks Row *You can make up Sunday’s WOD

  • Enjoy!

    Sunday’s WOD: 2 Rounds 800m Run 21 Pull Ups 21 Power Clean (61kg/43kg) 21 Toes to Bar 21 Front Squat (61kg/43kg) *Scale the weight and number of reps as needed.

  • Happy Friday

    Friday’s WOD is in honor of Joanie’s birthday.  Compare to 7/23/14. Skill: Hang Squat Snatch: light to moderate weight working on the technique.  Spend 10mins here. Conditioning: “Dirty Thirty”  PLUS ONE 31 Box Jumps 31 Sit Ups 31 KB Swings (53/35lbs) 31 Lunges (no weight, just walking lunges) 31 Push Press (30kg/20kg) 31 Bent Over

  • Probiotics…Are they really necessary?

    http://reset-you.blogspot.com/2015/07/probiotics-are-they-really-necessary.html Cheers, Chrissy p: 510-823-7785 e: Chrissy@Reset-you.com reset-you.com Time to wish Joanie a happy, happy birthday.  We will celebrate her birthday with a little special WOD on Friday so she is able to enjoy it with you! Thursday’s WOD: Skill/Strength: Weighted Push Ups: 5×5 Conditioning: 5 Rounds Not For Time 10 Back Squat (wt choices:

  • Happy Birthday, Amanda

    Please wish Coach Amanda a happy birthday.  I won’t say her age, but I will say it’s her last year in her twenties!  Let’s make it a great day by sending her lots of love.  Please enjoy a few of her favorite movements in the WOD. Wednesday’s WOD: Strength: Sumo Deadlift: 5×3@~85% of Best Deadlift

  • You asked, we are making it happen.

    There have been a lot of you asking about nutrition to help with weight management, performance in the gym, etc.  On August 1st at 10:15am, Marcus and I will be teaching a class on nutrition at the gym.  I am so excited to have this type of program available at CFSL.  Marcus has put in

  • Mentality Monday

    A little article to help us in all aspects of life, not just fitness. Monday’s WOD: Strength: Bent Over Row: 3RM, drop to 80% for AMRAP Conditioning: 6 Rounds 5 Ring Rows 10 Push Press  (Wt: 43/30kg, Rx+: 50kg/35kg) 15 DB Box Step Ups (weight is your choose.  height of box is dependent upon your