• Stay The Course

    Usually we all have great motivation in the beginning of anything.  Then the excitement starts fading.  That’s when the goals and reasons for the start really come into play.  Check out these tips for staying motivated.

  • Memorial Day

    Class times Monday:  8am/9am/12pm.  Open gym 10am-12pm. “Murph” 1 Mile Run 100 Pull Ups 200 Push ups 300 Squats 1 Mile Run *You may partition the reps as needed.  Scaling options:  reduce everything by half or more, reduce only the reps and not the running, sub rowing for running.  Lots of options.  Expect large classes

  • Throwback Thursday

    To the Spring Fling.  Everyone put in so much effort.  It was such a pleasure to watch!

  • Monday Greatness

    A fun little list on various mental attitudes/beliefs that hold interfere with our greatness.   HA, I think I do all of these!

  • Friday Is For Fun

    I love going through my old training books for several reasons.  I like to see how I’ve progressed, compare old performances, AND to mock myself for silliness.  This photo is one that really makes me laugh.  Be warned the language is rough.  At the top I am all excited and full of hope.   Then

  • Bathroom Addition

    If you haven’t heard or read yet, we are getting a second bathroom.  The work starts tomorrow.  The current bathroom will not be functional from 1pm tomorrow util possibly late Monday.  Now, this is construction, so anything could happen.  The company will bring a port-a-potty for use, but please plan accordingly in regards to the

  • Updates!

    I missed my usual mentality Monday post.  Here is a short post on accountability.   One of the suggestions is to use outside accountability to help you with your goals.  Absolutely, this helps.  What I think helps even more is personal accountability.  Once this happens, there is really very little that can derail goals.  Personal accountability

  • Friday is For Fun

    This makes me laugh every time I watch.   We could use more volunteers for the competition on May 15th.  If you can help, please email me at info@crossfitsl.net.  We will feed you and give you a goodie bag.

  • Losing Yourself In The Details

    This is a nice article about getting caught up in the minutia and letting that derail your goal train.

  • Postural Tips

    I just wanted to highlight two areas where I see simple fixes in posture that would make a big difference in neck health.  (Sorry for the photo quality.)  In the first photo I am keeping my neck and head in neutral while jogging.  In the second I am letting my chin go forward and neck