• Pic-Nic Idea

    Here’s a little snack I really like to take on trips. Cut up melon (honeydew is my fav) Cut prosciutto into strips Chop fresh mint and fresh basil Drizzle a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar (vinegar is optional) You can take the olive oil and vinegar in a little container to keep the melon

  • Happy Friday

    We have two people competing this weekend in CrossFit style competitions, Jayson and Terry G!  Jayson will be competing at the Moxie Madness Pairs comp in Santa Clara.  Terry G. will be competing in the NorCal Masters comp at Point Richmond.  Wish them luck! Also, how is the pull up challenge going? Tip of the

  • Throwback Thursday

    Thursday’s WOD: Strength: Back Squat: 3x8reps make sure this challenging, yet no failing. Conditioning: NOT FOR TIME, FOR PERFECTION 5 Rounds 14 Weighted Step Ups (you choose the weight) 1 Min Plank (front or side) *Use a shorter step than you would use for box jumps and use a weight that is heavy.  Have great

  • How Are We Doing?

    How are you all doing on the Pull Up Challenge?  Everyone should have several workouts in!  Great job to Jeannette for running in to do her workout today.   Talk to me people. Wednesday’s WOD: Skill:  spend time learning all of the below. “DT” 5 Rounds 12 Deadlifts  (wt: 70kg/50kg) 9 Hang Power Cleans  (wt:

  • Macro Guidelines

    Tuesday’s WOD: Strength: Shoulder Press 1RM, then drop to 80% AMRAP, then to 60% AMRAP Conditioning: NOT FOR TIME 5 Rounds 5-10 Pull Ups 10 Overhead Squats (you choose) *Both movements must be done unbroken.  Choose the reps and weight that will challenge you, but you will complete every round.  If you are very good

  • Challenges

    Why sign up for things like the Pull Up Challenge, Internal Competitions, the CrossFit Games Open, etc?  The push yourself, to do something that will spice up your fitness life, to have some fun with friends, to focus on a specific goal, and the list goes on.  My real question is why not?  I know

  • Are you ready?

    Pull Up Challenge starts on Monday!  See post from a few days ago on details!  I am excited to see the progress of all the participants. Tip Of The Day:  When you see a WOD that has a lot of reps/volume, ask yourself “what is the most reps of this movement I have ever done?”

  • Pull Up Challenge

    Ok, here are the details.  Each person will complete the pull up progression twice in a month.  That is 18 total workouts.  Which means you will be doing pull ups 4-5x a week.  Every time you complete a workout, you will check it off the big board that we will have filled out tomorrow.  I

  • Throwback Thursday

    Tip of the day: If you feel like you didn’t get enough cardio during a workout, grab the big sled, add a metal 45lb plate or more or less, then push it the length of the turf five times.  Rest 1 min between efforts.  Enjoy! Thursday’s WOD: Strength: Front Rack Lunges: 3×8-10 reps on each leg.

  • CrossFit Games Open

    Registration for the CrossFit Games Open competition starts this Thursday the 15th.  We are planning to have a lot more fun with the Open this year.  Think teams, internal battles, BBQs, beer tastings, and MORE.  This year CrossFit has changed a lot of things.  There will be scaled WOD options, a teen division, lots of