• Mentality Monday: Perfectionism

    Oh, how perfectionism drives me bonks.  This article describes me quite well.  Who else can relate?  

  • Throwback Thursday

    The Spring Fling 2016.  Paparazzi was out in force for Miltonian.

  • Mentality Monday: Process Goals

    When a lot of us think of goals, we think BIG picture, long term things.   Thinking smaller and more immediate is extremely helpful with focus and with achieving those longer term goals.  These types of goals are called process goals.  In this article, she gives examples that you may be able to apply to

  • Throwback Thursday

    To Murph.  Who is ready to do it again?

  • Tip Time

    Is there a particular skill that you just haven’t been able to complete?  Here is a tip, work on it with laser focus.  Work on it all the time.  If you want to be able to do full strict pull ups without a band, you must be doing pull ups 4+ times per week.  If

  • Intensity

    Some words about intensity.  This is a hard one for people to fully understand.  Intensity doesn’t necessarily mean that you are dying or near puking or beating all the times.  There is a lot more to intensity: focusing during the workout on your movements, maintaining a predetermined pace, pushing the pace, etc.  

  • PSA: Chalk and The Floor

    This is an example of what NOT to do.  Sometimes the chalk bucket gets knocked over, it happens.  You’re aren’t the worst person to walk the earth.   How you clean it up makes the difference.  Do NOT mop the loose chalk.  Basically you’ve now made a chalk paste that you’ve ground into the mat.

  • Throwback Thursday

    To that Open WOD where everyone ended up on the floor.  What year was this?

  • Mental Restoration

    How many of you take time to recover or restore yourselves mentally?  This is something I definitely struggle to keep in my routine.  I usually wait until I’ve lost it before I force myself to take some time to rejuvenate.  I am a doer, a task oriented type person.  If I am not doing or

  • Muscle Masher

    Our very own Jon Thorn has been working on a tool to assist with self deep tissue massage for more than a year.   After a lot of hard work and testing, it is ready to go!   You can check it out on themusclemasher.com and roguefitness.com.  We have our own customized muscle mashers in the