• Happy Friday

    Friday’s WOD: Skill/Strength: DB Curl to Shoulder Press: 5x8ish reps.  Choose a heavy weight. Conditioning: AMRAP 3min/1min off 5 Pull Ups 10 Push Ups 15 Squats *Use bands as needed.  Have fun!  

  • Throwback Thursday

    Throwback to our grand re-opening in the new spot.  Can you believe it’s almost been a year in the new location?  Do you guys miss the old place? Couple Reminders:  Body Composition testing this Saturday, the 25th.  Nutritional challenge starts with Reset Nutrition.  Please contact Chrissy for more info and to sign up. Thursday’s WOD:

  • Fast


    The men were flying in from the run during the “Helen” portion of Battle of the Benchmarks.  What was your favorite part of the competition this weekend? Wednesday’s WOD: A.  Muscle Up Work:   work on false grip holds, transitions, banded full ms ups, the ring thing, etc.  Those that are good at them: do an

  • Reset’s Top 5 Homeopathic Medicine Cabinet Remedies

    Happy Tuesday!! This week I will run through my top 5 homeopathic remedies for your “medicine cabinet” this winter to keep you and your family healthy.  I would like to mention that I am not a Dr and what I am mentioning has worked well for me, my family and clients and with anything new

  • More greatness

    In case you missed it Saturday or on our social media accounts, here is Ted deadlifting 250kg:   Monday’s WOD: Skill: Dead Hang Squat Snatch:  5×3 at a very light weight. Conditioning: AMRAP 12min 8 Deadlift (100kg/75kg) 12 Box Jumps (24in/20in) 16 Pistols *If unable to do full squats, please do not attempt pistols.  Do

  • Great day!

    What a great day at the Battle of the Benchmarks!  Great job to all the teams!  And a big thank you to all the volunteers and those that came out to cheer.  There were so many PRs, it’s hard to count.   Who is looking forward to the next one? Sunday’s WOD: Skill: Double Unders:


    Reminder:  Tomorrow, Saturday the 18th, we are having Battle of the Benchmarks starting at 10am.  There will only be the 8am class!  Please come back to watch your teammates kill these benchmarks!

  • Happy Friday

    ATTENTION:  One team has lost a teammate for this weekend’s Battle of The Benchmarks.  If any lady would like to participate, please email me immediately.  Must be able to do the Grace weight of 43kg for clean and jerk as well as help with pull ups. Friday’s WOD: Skill/Strength: Push Jerk Conditioning: 4 Rounds 10

  • Throwback Thursday

    This week’s throwback Thursday compares my very first weightlifting meet and my recent Pan American Masters meet.  In the first video, the weight I was lifting was 60kg and I personally weighed in at 88kg.  The second video I was lifting 90kg, weighed in at 74.9kg, and  I broke six records and won gold.  

  • Top 5 Immune Fighting Tips & Tricks for you & your family this year!

    Winter is coming are you ready?  Here are a few simple tips to keep you feeling great when the bugs come a knocking on the door and want to start kicking you around & down! 1) Wash your hands!  Do not use the antibacterial soaps as they kill off the good bacteria and have been