• Mentality Mondays: Comparing/Competing

    Here is a quick article about comparing with others and the negative impact that has on you.   Keep focusing on how great you are, where you would like to go, and all your successes.  How do you all stay focused on yourselves? Two little ideas to keep in mind.

  • Grip Differences

    Grip variations in pull ups is a usual topic of conversation when people are just starting out with CFSL.  I thought it might be nice to review the different grips, width of grip, and why we do or don’t use them. First, let’s start with the way your hands are on the bar, the actual

  • Did You Know? Food Options

    Did you know that we have two companies that now deliver premade meals to CFSL?  Out Of The Cave and My Power Supply both are delivering here now.  You can order what you want ahead of time via their online portals and they will deliver on specified days.  Visit Out Of The Cave and/or My Power

  • Mental Mondays: Plan Of Attack

    When you go into a tough workout or anything else that is challenging, do you have a plan of attack?  Or do you wing it or do you have an open curiosity of how it’s going to go?  It’s important to have some kind of strategy when you are going into something challenging.  How will

  • Consistency

    This is a screen shot of my Beyond The Whiteboard from October.  My goal was to workout every day of the month.  On Thursdays and Sundays I only do light cardio, so walk, jog, etc.  I almost made it!  I missed on day on the 24th.  That day was a mental error on my part.

  • Mentality Mondays: Avoiding Weaknesses

    Here is a quick little drill to help you increase your awareness around weaknesses or areas you may avoid.   This drill could be applied to all other aspects of life.   Think about things in your job that make you uncomfortable or you avoid.  Think about items in your daily life: parenting, meals, finances,

  • Throwback Thursday

    To when Joanie snatched 155lbs/~70.5kg in her sunglasses.  She’s so cool!

  • Throwback Thursday-COMP TIME!

    This Saturday we have seven teams competing at the Battle on The Bay Partner Competition.  The event is at 800 W Tower Ave in Alameda.  Please come out to cheer on all your teammates.

  • Mentality Mondays: Self-Talk

    Check out this short article about self-talk.  The two tips at the end of the article are great for sports, obviously.  And, they are great for anything in your life that spurs on negative self-talk.  This could be work, parenting, relationships, etc.  I think a lot of people think about self-talk prior to an event starting

  • Throwback Thursday

    To one of our previous Englander Parties!  Who’s pumped to return to the Englander for our Holiday party?  Ron, if you’re out there, I miss you!