• Big Reds

    Kendrick Farris!  Look like him tomorrow. Thursday’s WOD: Strength:   25mins to complete Clean: Heavy Triple.  These are full squat cleans from the floor.   You may re-grip and re-setup for each rep within the triple, but do not wait longer than 5secs between reps.  We are NOT looking for tap and go reps, we

  • PSA: Jump Rope Treatment

    PSA: Jump Rope Treatment

    Please take a moment to learn the new jump rope system.  We now have them color coded by the color of their handles.  The red handles are for people 4’10″ to 5’3″ , the black handles are for people 5’4″ to 5’10″, and the blue handles are for people 5’11″ to 6’6″.   When you

  • Test It Out Tuesday

    Test It Out Tuesday

    So who gave up grains for a few meals?  Did you find some new substitutes that you liked?  Talk to me, people.  This week’s is to make your own electrolyte drink.  There are a ton of recipes on the web.  Some are complicated and they are unnecessary.  You need citrus, honey or maple syrup, salt,

  • Podium Pandemonium

    Podium Pandemonium

    CFSL had quite the weekend of members making the podium.  On the olympic weightlifting side we had 3 second places from Joanie, Becky Z, and Amanda L.  They all hit PRs.  John H. won his weight class at the Oakland Powerlifting meet.  This was his first competition and he killed it!  Jayson M. placed second

  • Bars


    No, not those kind of bars.   Let’s talk about weightlifting bars.  Here is some terminology that may not interest you one bit: Grip Diameter: kind of self explanatory.  It’s the diameter of the bar where you grip with your hands.  IWF certified bars are 28mm for men’s bars and 25mm for women’s bars.  Non-IWF

  • Happy Friday

    Happy Friday

    Update on the CFSL Member’s Only Competition.  The Women’s division is SOLD OUT, even with the two extra spots we opened.  We only have a few more spots for the men.  If you are considering it, get signed up ASAP to make sure you get in!  We have a bunch of sponsors and lots of

  • Thursday’s WOD

    Thursday’s WOD

    Please take a moment to fill out this survey from Chrissy B on the food classes/challenges we’ve held at the gym.  We won’t to offer great programs for our members, so please fill it out and be as honest as you like.  It’s anonymous. Thursday’s WOD: Strength: Overhead Squat: 1 RM. Conditioning: 6 Rounds 2min

  • Welcome to the new website!

    CrossFit San Leandro has a brand new website! We’ve overhauled the site from top to bottom. Here’s a couple of the neatest changes: You can see how we’ve changed the lives of our CrossFitters on Fire at one glance. Some of the transformations are amazing! You can now subscribe to the RSS feed of the

  • February WOD

    Our Grand Opening/Ribbon Cutting/Member’s Party will start promptly at 12pm and the ribbon cutting will be at 12:15pm.  Our member’s party will start around 1pm.  Please bring a side dish, dessert, or any other amazing thing to share.  We will be grilling up tri-tip and a few hot dogs for the children. Who is going

  • Wednesday’s WOD

    Wednesday’s WOD: Strength: Split Jerk: 1RM or 5×1 at a moderate weight to work on your technique. Conditioning: AMRAP 10min 30 Double Unders 10 Power Snatch (wt: 35/25kg, Rx+: 50/35kg)