• Throwback Thursday

    To that one time I won the Master’s National Championship!

  • Heartburn Much?

    http://reset-you.blogspot.com/2015/11/heartburn-much.html Happy Thanksgiving!! Cheers, Chrissy Chrissy Bernazzani, NE, NC Holistic Nutritionist Reset Nutrition (510)823-7785 Chrissy@reset-you.com reset-you.com

  • Upcoming Events

    I am home from the IWF World Championships in Houston.  What an amazing show of physical ability. This week we will have our normal schedule through Wednesday.  Thursday we are having a Turkey Trot leaving from the gym at 7am.  There are 10k, 5kg, 1mi routes.  Everyone is welcome, including family and friends.  We would

  • Mental Game Mondays

    ‘Tis the season, right?  I thought I would pull up some articles on gift giving.  I pulled quotes from each one and then linked the original article.  Who loves gift giving? “Gift giving is an outward expression of a relationship and as with any relationship, it can either be enhancing or diminishing. The way in

  • World Championships

    We (Karen and I) are in Houston for the IWF World Championships.  This is the first time they’ve been held in the USA in almost forty years. It is amazing to see the capabilities of these top lifters from all over the world. Please check out this video I took of Om Yun-Chol of North

  • Poop Talk, Take 2

    Let’s continue with our elimination discussion. Chrissy Bernazzani, NE, NC Holistic Nutritionist (510)823-7785 Chrissy@reset-you.com reset-you.com

  • Throwback Thursday

    Notice the floor.  This was in the midst of the roofing repair and the heat wave!  Who misses the roof work?

  • It’s A Great Day

    Today is our two year anniversary in this location!  This is a picture of our Thanksgiving Day family workout in 2013.  I was amazed at the time that we fit over fifty people in here.  Now, it’s just a regular occurrence!  Who is doing the Turkey Trot next week.  

  • Turkey Trot Info

    We are having a Turkey Trot Thanksgiving Day morning.  We will leave from the gym at 7am.  There will be multiple routes for different levels of runners.  We would love if every person, including non-members, would join us for this fun run.  In conjunction with this Turkey Trot, we are gathering donations for Community Food

  • The Great Alcohol Debate

    People ask us frequently about how to lose weight or lean up.  Inevitably I have to ask about alcohol consumption.  Not because I think all of you are a bunch of boozers, but because I know what tipping a few back will do to your waistline.  I pulled two articles to read over.  Now, don’t