• Positive Risk Taking

    A short article on risk taking.   A few announcements:  Out of The Cave will be here tomorrow, Tuesday.  The CrossFit Games Open starts in two weeks, please register if you would like to participate.  (games.crossfit.com)

  • Friday Is For Fun

    ANNOUNCEMENTS:  The shower door has been laid to rest.  I put up a shower curtain in the most ridiculous way possible.  It’s still functional, just a little janky.  The new rod will be here on Tuesday and the shower will return to greatness. This Saturday’s open gym will only be 8-10am.

  • Throwback Thursday

    Throwback to when our parties were at the Englander.  Who is up for the future parties being at some place other than the gym? FYI:  the shower door is on it’s last leg, please be extra careful with it if I don’t get it fixed by tomorrow morning.

  • Repost: Shin Splints

    Over the years I have had many people in CFSL that complain of “shin splints”.  Here are two articles on different strategies for solving the problem.  Article one.  Article two. Let me know what you think or if you give the exercises are try.

  • Is Night Hunger Getting You?

    I know I struggle with this.  Right before bed I suddenly have this strong urge to eat chocolate, peanut butter, or cheese.  This is a long article, but a good one for those of us who struggle with this.  I find that hot water usually gets me to cut it out.

  • Get Your Focus On

    I believe I’ve posted about this before, but doesn’t hurt to revisit the idea of focus.  Here are some practical tips on setting yourself up for success.

  • Friday Is For Fun

    This is exactly what I look like when I 1RM is posted in the open!  I selectively ignore the first part that involves gymnastics!  What movements do you love?  Which ones do you love less?

  • Throwback Thursday

    CrossFit For Capes 2015.  CrossFit San Ramon is hosting this event again on April 3rd.  More details to follow.

  • Understanding Carbs

    Check out this article explaining the importance of carbs.  Carbs have gotten a bad rap for years.  Food is fuel, food has no moral value.  It’s imperative we understand how to use food to have the health we want.

  • Pre-Game Routine

    Getting your mind right before a big event is crucial.  Here are some tips on developing a routine.  This is geared toward sports, but you could use the same ideas for any major event.