• FYI Friday

    Tomorrow is Halloween.  Feel free to come to the WOD in costume.  Your coaches will! Sunday is Daylight Savings.  Please check the time to make sure you don’t show up an hour early for class on Sunday. No Olympic Weightlifting Class Wednesday, Nov. 5th.  And no CrossFit class at 7pm on Thursday, Nov. 6th.  This

  • Throwback Thursday

    Throwback to 2011 Femme Fit trail run fun!   Thursday’s WOD: Strength: Back Squat 3×5@~75-80% Conditioning: “Tabata Trunk” Suitcase Hold  (Wt ideas: 40/25kg.  50/35kg) Light Good Morning  (Bar or 30/25kg) Side Plank Front Plank  

  • Trunk

    The trunk.  The core.  The midsection. Or, the foundation of everything that is good.  The trunk is so important to every movement we do here  at CFSL and during our daily lives.  When you make it in for the trunk specific workouts, give them your all.  When you are doing things like today’s Push Jerk

  • Simple VS Complex Carbohydrates – Is there a difference?

    Simple VS Complex Carbohydrates – Is there a difference? This past week a couple of people approached me about the difference between simple vs complex carbohydrates.  Here is a quick post on the differences. Simple or Complex Carbohydrates consist of either fiber, starches or sugar. Simply put simple carbohydrates are sugar.  They are made from

  • Happy Halloween Week

    Happy Halloween Week

    Anyone down for a little costume madness on Friday?  What do you think?  The featured photo is from our 2011 Barbell For Boobs event which was on Halloween weekend. Monday’s WOD: Skill/Strength: Clean High Pull: 5×2.  The weight should be heavy for you and you can increase each round ending around 100-110% of best clean.

  • Sunday Goodness

    Have a wonderful Sudnay. Sunday’s WOD: 6 mins to complete: 800m Run, Max Rep DB Thrusters 8 mins to complete: 1000m Run, Max Burpees 10 mins to complete: 1200m Run, Max DB Power Cleans *You choose the weights for the thrusters and power cleans.  This will be a running clock of 24mins.  You will immediately

  • Happy Friday

    Friday’s WOD: Skill/Strength: DB Curl to Shoulder Press: 5x8ish reps.  Choose a heavy weight. Conditioning: AMRAP 3min/1min off 5 Pull Ups 10 Push Ups 15 Squats *Use bands as needed.  Have fun!  

  • Throwback Thursday

    Throwback to our grand re-opening in the new spot.  Can you believe it’s almost been a year in the new location?  Do you guys miss the old place? Couple Reminders:  Body Composition testing this Saturday, the 25th.  Nutritional challenge starts with Reset Nutrition.  Please contact Chrissy for more info and to sign up. Thursday’s WOD:

  • Fast


    The men were flying in from the run during the “Helen” portion of Battle of the Benchmarks.  What was your favorite part of the competition this weekend? Wednesday’s WOD: A.  Muscle Up Work:   work on false grip holds, transitions, banded full ms ups, the ring thing, etc.  Those that are good at them: do an

  • Reset’s Top 5 Homeopathic Medicine Cabinet Remedies

    Happy Tuesday!! This week I will run through my top 5 homeopathic remedies for your “medicine cabinet” this winter to keep you and your family healthy.  I would like to mention that I am not a Dr and what I am mentioning has worked well for me, my family and clients and with anything new