• Lift Up Autism

    We are hosting Lift Up Autism again this year.  You can register for the event below.  The event will be Sept 10th during Saturday’s WOD times.  Let’s show our support! Click here The photos shall begin.  That’s my son!  He is awesome and he has an Autism spectrum diagnosis.  If it weren’t for the level of

  • Mentality Monday

    If you followed the Olympics at all these past few weeks, you must have heard of the two distance runners, Hamblin of New Zealand and D’Agostino of the USA.  Here is the low down:  Hamblin got tripped up on another athlete’s feet and fell.  This fall took D’Agostino out as well.  D’Agostino fell hard and

  • Throwback Thursday

    To the Games Open 2014, 14.1.  Look at all those fans!!

  • Mentality Monday

    Sarah Robles took home the bronze medal on Sunday in the over 75kg class.  This is the first weightlifting medal for the USA in 16 years.  The level of nastiness I read about her when she made the team was appalling.  You can google her and read about her suspension for a banned substance, etc.

  • Throwback Thursday

    Throwback to all these PRs last month!!  Holy killing it, batman.  Great work everyone.  Remember, write up your goals, go after them, and get your name on the PR board!

  • Mental Game Monday

    Have you guys been watching the Olympics??? Talk about some mental game masters!  These athletes are amazing.  Two that are near and dear to my heart are Morghan King and Jenny Arthur.  Both are olympic weightlifters and both are first time Olympians.  When I attended an old farts camp at the Olympic Training Center in

  • Mentality Monday: Perfectionism

    Oh, how perfectionism drives me bonks.  This article describes me quite well.  Who else can relate?  

  • Throwback Thursday

    The Spring Fling 2016.  Paparazzi was out in force for Miltonian.

  • Mentality Monday: Process Goals

    When a lot of us think of goals, we think BIG picture, long term things.   Thinking smaller and more immediate is extremely helpful with focus and with achieving those longer term goals.  These types of goals are called process goals.  In this article, she gives examples that you may be able to apply to

  • Throwback Thursday

    To Murph.  Who is ready to do it again?