• Losing Yourself In The Details

    This is a nice article about getting caught up in the minutia and letting that derail your goal train.

  • Postural Tips

    I just wanted to highlight two areas where I see simple fixes in posture that would make a big difference in neck health.  (Sorry for the photo quality.)  In the first photo I am keeping my neck and head in neutral while jogging.  In the second I am letting my chin go forward and neck

  • Mental Mondays

    Getting outside our comfort zones can help us reach our goals.  Here is a short article on imagery to help us move through these zones.  This could apply to work or life. The Spring Fling competition is only a few weeks away.  This is the last week to register.  Please do so if you are

  • Throwback Thursday

    To the Christmas Party when the coaches couldn’t get it together for a photo. Spring Fling Competition is on May 15th.  Last day to register is April 29th.

  • Recipe Time

    Here is a little meatball recipe shared in our CFSL Nutrition Group on Facebook.   If you want to join our group, please search on facebook and then request to be added. In this new episode of “As The Parking Lot Turns” new problems arise.  Now some units are going to be marking their parking

  • Mentality Monday

    I’ve posted this link before, but thought it was important to post again.  There are lots of articles out there about All or Nothing thinking and how it is so limiting.  I just wanted to give a few examples where letting this go has really helped me.  There are so many days where I just

  • Fun Friday

    That face you make when you are almost there.

  • Throwback Thursday

    Throwback to one of our awesome internal comps.   Who is ready for the next one?

  • Emotional Eating

    This is a rather in depth article about emotional eating.   The biggest things that helped me cut this type of overeating out was first to realize I was doing this.  The second was to prepare for it to happen.  This might sound strange, to actually prepare for an emotional overload.  But if you know

  • Mental Monday

    Here is an article I found interesting about competing with yourself.  I find this to be particularly true with performances that occur in the heat of a competition.  Let’s say someone hits a 5kg PR during a competition and then can’t make it again for months.  This person will usually be frustrated they can’t hit