• - April (Easter) FOODIE Ideas -

    Tuesday’s WOD: Strength: Push Press: 1RM, Drop to 80% and 60% for AMRAPs Conditioning: “Barbara-Ish” 3 Rounds/Rest 3min between Rounds. 20 Pull Ups 30 Push Ups 40 Sit Ups 50 Squats *No, we are not doing five rounds.  We are doing three.  I want you to keep your times for each round about the same.

  • Monday Thoughts

    Here’s another little article to get your thoughts going.  Anyone else go through this? Monday’s WOD: Strength: RDL 3×8-10 Conditioning: Tabata Suitcase Holds With KB Row Hollow Rocks Rotational Ball Throws On Wall  

  • Sunday Goodness

    Reminder, the last CrossFit Games Open WOD will be tomorrow at 11am.   Come cheer them on!  We will have a little food afterwards.  Feel free to bring something delicious to share. Sunday’s WOD: “Kelly” Rx: 3 Rounds Rx+: 5 Rounds  (TIME CAP 40min) 400m Run 30 Box Jumps (24in/20in) 30 Wall Balls  (wt: 20lbs/14lbs)

  • Friday

    Sorry this didn’t go up last night. Friday’s WOD: Skill: Pistols Conditioning: AMRAP 12min 3 Power Snatches (Wt: 43/30kg Rx+: 50/35kg Rx++: 60/43kg) 5 Overhead Squats (same) 10 Toes to Bar

  • Throwback Thursday

    Throwback to our first internal compeition!  Putting all the plates to work!  Who would like to see another member’s only comp? Thursday’s WOD: Strength: 5 rounds of 10 each.  Alternate the exercises. Front Raises  (Moderate weight.) Band Lat Pull Downs Conditioning: 7 Rounds 5 HSPU/Pike Push Ups 1-3 Rope Climbs 200m Run *See the MOD

  • Info

    CFSL’s softball team will be tearing it up this Friady at 9:15pm.  They always benefit from a cheering squad!  It’s late, but it’s a good time. The last CrossFit Games Open WOD is this week.  We will have our group going through the WOD on Sunday at 11am.  Please come out to cheer them on.

  • What is an antinutrient? Is it good for me?

    http://reset-you.blogspot.com/2015/03/what-is-antinutrient-is-it-good-for-me.html Cheers, Chrissy Tuesday’s WOD: Skill: Muscle Up:  work on all aspects depending on where you are.  For those that are already able, work on an EMOM or stricts or weighted stricts. Conditioning: 5 Round Not For Time 10 Push Press (WT: 45/30kg Rx+:50kg/35kg) 5-10 Dips *All sets unbroken.  You may want to compare to

  • Brain Food

    Here’s a little, simple article that might be helpful when disappointments get you down. Monday’s WOD: Strength: Bent Over Row: 1RM with barbell, then drop to 80% for an AMRAP Getting better at stuff: Not For Time 5 Rounds 3-10 Chest To Bar Pull Ups 12 Russian KB Swings (wt: 70lbs/53lbs) *Choose the number of

  • Sunday Goodness

    Great effort today by the Games Open Team!  Thank you to our cheerleaders.  Our last group workout will be Sunday, the 29th at 11am.  Please plan to join us to watch/cheer/etc. Sunday’s WOD: Conditioning: 5 Rounds 400m Run 50 Double Unders 15 Med Ball Cleans (20/14lbs) *Compare to 9/1/14.  Row x 500m or bike 4min

  • Softball Team

    The CFSL Softball Team will have their first game Friday night at 6:45pm.  The games are held at the Pepsi fields in Union City/Hayward.  Correct me, softball people, if that is incorrect.  Please come out to cheer them on! Also, the fourth week of CrossFit Games Open is this week.  We will do our group