• Memorial Day Murph

    Tomorrow we will do the workout named Murph in honor of Memorial Day.  The class times are 8/9/12 and open gym 10-12.  There will be several scaling options, so please plan to do the WOD even if it scares you.  We can build a suitable version for your current level.    This year we will

  • Activities!

    This Saturday, the 29th, is officially Snatch Me Outside Saturday.  How bout dah?   The WOD will be named in their honor and we will have some light food and drink.  Congrats, team! On May 12th we will have a cake and some food after the noon class in honor of my last thirty something

  • Mental Monday

    A short article about decluttering our brains by redefining perfection.  This is a great time to learn something new.

  • Attendance Tips

    Here are some tips to getting your visits in every week/month.  Treat it as a scheduled class every week that you’ve paid for.  This sounds silly because obviously it’s a scheduled class that you’ve paid for.  HOWEVER, think about these two scenarios, decide which one will be more impactful.  Your coworker or friend or family

  • Mentality Monday

    Let’s talk about language a little more.  How we respond to questions from others and our internal dialogue can mold or even change our experience of the previous event and future events.  I love the idea of changing our language to improve our quality of life.  What a simple, free tool to employ.   That

  • Mental Mondays

    How many of you love waiting in line or waiting for something to start?  What do you normally do during your wait?  Here is a little article giving some ideas on improving your mood while you wait.   It’s amazing how much better I can feel just simply taking a deep breath or focusing on

  • Throwback Thursday 16.5

    If you haven’t had a chance to come out to watch your teammates go through the 2017 Open workouts, you are missing out.  There are three more Friday Night Lights.  Get out to one!

  • Hand Care Revisited

    Some thoughts on hand rips. 1.  Re-gripping or moving your hands a lot during the set.   Reduce the amount of friction by not moving around so much on the bar.  If you are re-gripping every 2-3 reps, this is way too much and will definitely lead you to rips.  Stay put! 2.  Too much

  • Mentality Monday: Calm Yourself!

    For those of us that do the CrossFit Open every year, we know that feeling of nervousness as we get ready for the Open even though we know we aren’t winning the games or a prize or anything.  It just makes us nervous.  For people doing it for the first, it’s even more nerve-racking.  

  • Egg Loaves

    Recipe By SweetCheeks Mini egg loaves What you will need: 1 dozen eggs 1 onion-sliced 2-3 tsp fresh chives-chopped 1 packages crimini sliced mushrooms 2-3 Tbs sun dried tomatoes (trader joes) olive oil salt and pepper to taste What to do: 1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees 2. In a fry pan with olive oil saute