• Mentality Mondays: Self-Talk

    Check out this short article about self-talk.  The two tips at the end of the article are great for sports, obviously.  And, they are great for anything in your life that spurs on negative self-talk.  This could be work, parenting, relationships, etc.  I think a lot of people think about self-talk prior to an event starting

  • Throwback Thursday

    To one of our previous Englander Parties!  Who’s pumped to return to the Englander for our Holiday party?  Ron, if you’re out there, I miss you!

  • Mentality Mondays: Self-Limiting Beliefs

    There’s this funny thing that happens when I first meet people and we get to the part where we ask “So, what do you do for work?”.  More times than not that once people hear about CrossFit, they immediately tell me why the can’t do something like CrossFit.   The can’t usually has to do

  • Mental Mondays: Consistency

    Consistency This is a photo of my Beyond The Whiteboard calendar.  The green color means I worked out.  The blue means I did not.   Now, Sundays and Thursdays are recovery days for me, so I only walk, jog, or bike.  Please don’t think all those green days are intense, my body won’t tolerate that

  • Friday Is For Fun And Other F Words

    This weekend, 10/8 and 10/9, the parking areas in the back and right around our building will be closed off.  Please park by the other buildings. Reminder: we are collecting costumes for children who do not have access to costumes for Halloween.  Please place the costumes in the bin by the offices.  Also, if you

  • Diaper and Food Drive

    We’ve decided to switch gears on this event on October 22nd.  There just weren’t enough teams signed up to warrant a full blown competition.  Let’s use this time to generate some very necessary goods for people in our communities.   Please read below.   Again, if you need help forming teams, just ask us.  My

  • Mentality Mondays

    Here is an article about goals and thinking of them differently.   The year is coming to an end, what would you like to accomplish before the end of the year?  How will you get there?

  • Throwback Thursday

    Throwback to last year’s Goblin and Ghouls.  Please get your teams together and get registered for this year!  All workouts are posted on FB.  If you are interested but don’t have a team, please just email me and I will put together teams.  info@crossfitsl.net.  This will be a fun comp.   We are moving into

  • Mental Monday

    Chasing That W!  This is a short little blog about focusing what is in our control.  Winning or losing isn’t in our control.  How we perform or the choices we make during the process are in are control. For example, in 2013 I competed at the Master’s Pan Am championship and the Master World’s Games

  • Hero WOD Sunday

    This Sunday will be a slightly different kind of Hero WOD.  The hero wasn’t killed in the line of duty or part of the military or police or any service agency.  This hero was just a guy, dumping wood into a pile after working on artwork in the form of surfboards for his children for