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    Announcements: We are doing a back to school drive for Building Futures with Women and Children.  There is a list of items the children could really use by the front door.  Please put items in the purple container under the list.   Simple, inexpensive things like paper, pencils, etc. and even more expensive things like

  • Dirty Thirty

    Dirty Thirty

    This one is dedicated to Joanie!  Happy 30th Birthday!!  Please make sure she has a wonderful entry into her thirties! Wednesday’s WOD: “Dirty Thirty” 30 Box Jumps 30 Sit Ups 30 KB Swings (53/35lbs) 30 Lunges (no weight, just walking lunges) 30 Push Press (30kg/20kg) 30 Bent Over Row (30kg/20kg) 30 Wall Balls (20/14) 30

  • Test It Out Tuesday

    Please test these out and  MAKE ME SOME, PLEASE???  Come on people! Tuesday’s WOD: Strength: Push Press  5×5@ ~75% Conditioning: Tabata L-Sit or Ring Support Handstand Push Ups or Pikes Wall Running Hold Top of Pull Up *be mindful of the volume on the HSPU or Pikes.  Use a band as needed for the pull

  • Happy Monday

    Make it a great week!  Please remember we have Yoga on Tuesdays and Rowing on Thursdays.  Sign up online via MindBody. Monday’s WOD: Skill/Strength: Clean High Pull:  5×2@~105% of Best Clean Conditioning: 30 Squat Jump Then Immediately: AMRAP 8 min 3-6-9-and so on by 3 of Goblet Squats  (70/53lbs *may use DBs if out of

  • Sunday Goodness

    Anyone watching National Weightlifting Championships?  Good stuff. Sunday’s WOD: 800m Run THEN: 21-15-9 Deadlifts (91/65kg Rx+: 110/75kg) Dips THEN: 800m Run *YAY, scale the weight as needed.  Do the running before and after the 21-15-9.

  • FYI Friday

    FYI Friday

    Did you know that you can successfully modify a lot of our workouts if all you have access to are dumbbells?  This was the set up at our hotel this week, and generally what I see in hotels.  Examples:  For wall balls I will do light db thrusters with an emphasis on driving up quickly,

  • Upcoming Sporting Events

    Now that the World Cup is over and the All Star game is over, what will you do for sporting entertainment?  How about the most exciting sports in the world to watch???  Weightlifting and the CrossFit Games.  The US National Weightlifting Championships are this weekend in Salt Lake City.  There will be a live stream

  • CFSL and The Oakland A’s

    From the organizer: We’re really excited to announce our first ever “CrossFit Day at the Oakland A’s” on Sunday, September 7. Each person who purchases a special “CrossFit Day” ticket will get access to the pregame WOD where a group of NorCal’s top CrossFit athletes will compete. Each person will also receive a commemorative A’s CrossFit T-shirt.

  • Test It Out Tuesday

    This TIOT, I would like you guys to get 20-30g of good carbs 1-2hrs prior to your WOD and then within 45mins after.  Do this for three days in a  row and see if you experience any difference in your performance.  Examples: sweet potatoes, plantains, fruit, etc.  You will need to figure out the serving

  • New Week!

    New week to get out there and make it happen! Monday’s WOD: Strength/Skill: Power Snatch From the Floor: 8x3reps very light, work on form and being snappy! Conditioning: 4 Rounds 5 Power Cleans (see the board for weight, but it’s heavy) Farmer’s Carry to Cement Wall and Back (you choose the weight: KBs or DBs)