• Throwback Thursday

    Throwback to last year’s Goblin and Ghouls.  Please get your teams together and get registered for this year!  All workouts are posted on FB.  If you are interested but don’t have a team, please just email me and I will put together teams.  info@crossfitsl.net.  This will be a fun comp.   We are moving into

  • Mental Monday

    Chasing That W!  This is a short little blog about focusing what is in our control.  Winning or losing isn’t in our control.  How we perform or the choices we make during the process are in are control. For example, in 2013 I competed at the Master’s Pan Am championship and the Master World’s Games

  • Hero WOD Sunday

    This Sunday will be a slightly different kind of Hero WOD.  The hero wasn’t killed in the line of duty or part of the military or police or any service agency.  This hero was just a guy, dumping wood into a pile after working on artwork in the form of surfboards for his children for

  • Happy Friday

    Tomorrow we will host the Lift Up Autism event.   There is still time to register!  This is how things will run tomorrow:  regular Marcus Special at 8am.  Then all the Lift Up Autism people will do the workout in three heats starting at 9am.   The first heat will be the children’s heat.  Several

  • Mental Monday

    Optimistic Realism.   I like this idea a lot.  I think superficial positive feelings about something don’t really do much for a person.  Connecting with the feelings makes the difference.  To truly believe something can happen is where the good stuff comes from.  Saying out loud I can lift a certain amount of weight does

  • Mentality Mondays

    Learning to focus.   This is so important for training and regular old life.  There have been so many training sessions where I decided I had to check my email.  In that email I found some thing that completely got my attention and then I couldn’t make my training weights.   Anyone else have this

  • Friday Is The New Monday

    I usually post the mentality stuff on Mondays.  I decided to move it up since we have seven people competing tomorrow. What NOT to say on game day. This would be true for work related things like interviews, presentations, etc. Wish Katie T, Jacqueline D, Amanda, Kaylie, Joanie, Roxy, and Bradley the best of luck

  • Throwback Thursday

    To last year’s Lift Up Autism event.  Register prior to Aug. 27th to get your shirt in time for the event.  Click here to register.

  • Lift Up Autism

    We are hosting Lift Up Autism again this year.  You can register for the event below.  The event will be Sept 10th during Saturday’s WOD times.  Let’s show our support! Click here The photos shall begin.  That’s my son!  He is awesome and he has an Autism spectrum diagnosis.  If it weren’t for the level of

  • Mentality Monday

    If you followed the Olympics at all these past few weeks, you must have heard of the two distance runners, Hamblin of New Zealand and D’Agostino of the USA.  Here is the low down:  Hamblin got tripped up on another athlete’s feet and fell.  This fall took D’Agostino out as well.  D’Agostino fell hard and