• Hip Care

    Here is a video on a few different ways to stretch your hip flexors.

  • Mentality Monday

    Ok, I have been out of touch with my Mentality Monday posts!  Let’s start off with one about what works for each of us individually.  Here is a guest post on one of my favorite websites about the mental game. Personally, I find the approach listed in the article to be very helpful in my competitions and

  • Exciting News

    We are excited to announce Yoga is back!  We have a new instructor and a new time.  The new time is Thursdays at 6pm and starts tonight.   Read up on our new instructor, Chrissy. Lighthearted, fun, and passionate, Chrissy radiates positivity. She teaches her classes using her wide-range of life experiences and the extensive

  • Mental Mondays

    Sharing your struggles vs Complaining.  I think this is a great little article on being mindful about your speech around struggles.  Give it a quick read and see if we can all work on sharing our struggles instead of complaining.

  • The End of An Era

    Please congratulate Marcus on being accepted into the police academy!  This Saturday will be our last Marcus Special, so plan to be there to send him off right.  Marcus has been a vital part of our team for six years now.  He will be missed deeply.   Please comment on what your favorite Marcus Special

  • Mentality Mondays: Plan

    I recommend having a simple plan when going into workouts.  Something to shoot for in each section can help focus, intensity, and mental attitude.  Biting off little chunks, so to speak.  Pushing to stay on the bar a little longer because that was the plan.  Sometimes, life activities require much larger plans.  And other times, all

  • Party Time!

    Next Friday is our annual Holiday Party.  This year we are taking it back to the Englander.  Party is 6:30pm to 10:30pm.  Please note there will be no 6pm class on Friday night, only 5pm.  There will be VERY light appetizers at the party, so eat ahead of time!  If you plan to drink, please

  • Mentality Mondays: Comparing/Competing

    Here is a quick article about comparing with others and the negative impact that has on you.   Keep focusing on how great you are, where you would like to go, and all your successes.  How do you all stay focused on yourselves? Two little ideas to keep in mind.

  • Grip Differences

    Grip variations in pull ups is a usual topic of conversation when people are just starting out with CFSL.  I thought it might be nice to review the different grips, width of grip, and why we do or don’t use them. First, let’s start with the way your hands are on the bar, the actual

  • Did You Know? Food Options

    Did you know that we have two companies that now deliver premade meals to CFSL?  Out Of The Cave and My Power Supply both are delivering here now.  You can order what you want ahead of time via their online portals and they will deliver on specified days.  Visit Out Of The Cave and/or My Power