• Throwback Thursday

    To the CrossFit Day with the Oakland As.  Who would be interested in doing this again? Please remember the Bring A Friend (or many) Day is July 18th.  Please have your friends register online to complete the waiver and let us know who is attending.  The workout will be completely doable for all levels. Thursday’s

  • Fourth of July Recipes

    http://reset-you.blogspot.com/2015/06/4th-of-july-recipe-round-up.html Cheers, Chrissy Chrissy Bernazzani, NE, NC Holistic Nutritionist (510)823-7785 Chrissy@reset-you.com reset-you.com Wednesday’s WOD: Strength: Push Press: 3RM, Drop to 80% for AMRAP Conditioning: 5 Rounds 12 Toes To Bar 8 Push Press (WTs: 43/30kg, 50kg/35kg, 60kg/43kg) 200m Row *Start on different stations to avoid a pile up on rower.  Choose the weight that is

  • Carbs, Carbs, Carbs

    Here is an interesting article about carb tolerance/intolerance. Tuesday’s WOD: Strength: RDL: 5×5-8 moderate weight. Conditioning: compare to 3/21/15 5 Rounds 400m Run 50 Double Unders 15 Med Ball Cleans (20lbs/14lbs)

  • Mentality Monday

    Hitting the wall.  Have any of you hit the wall?  How did you get through it? Monday’s WOD: Skill: Muscle Ups:  work on them, get them, celebrate. Conditioning: Not For Time 5-10 Chest to Bar Pull Ups 12 Russian KB Swings (70lbs/53lbs) *Use appropriate weight for you for the KB swings.  Go unbroken on all

  • Sunday’s WOD

    Sunday’s WOD: 14.5 Repeat 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Thrusters  (wt: 43/29kg) Burpees *Use the correct weight for you.  Compare to your score from last year if you did this WOD in the open.  Have fun!

  • Go Kaylie, Go

    Joanie and Ruth are both in Minnesota to coach Kaylie at the Youth National Weightlifting Championships.  Kaylie is scheduled to lift at 1pm on Saturday local time.  There is a live stream here. Friday’s WOD: Skill: Box Jumps 10x3reps: something challenging for all three reps, not something you will fail. Conditioning: 5 Rounds 200m Run

  • Talk To Me

    Let me know how you felt the push up challenge went and if it helped your push ups in the workouts?  Are you going to keep going with the push ups?  What do you want to see next as a challenge? Thursday’s WOD: Skill: Handstand Holds:  work on the wall or from a box.  perfection!

  • Cravings, what do they mean?

    Cravings…What do they mean? http://reset-you.blogspot.com/2015/06/cravingswhat-do-they-really-mean.html Cheers, Chrissy Bernazzani, NE, NC Holistic Nutritionist Reset Nutrition + Fitness (510)823-7785 Chrissy@reset-you.com reset-you.com Wednesday’s WOD: A.  Back Squat:  10 RM, then drop by 10% for another set of 10. B.  Deadlifts:  5×10 reps.  Do a set every 90sec.  Weight: ~60-65% of your best.  Difficult, but good form every rep.

  • It’s Time!

    It’s time to repeat our test workout after a month of push up work.  Look at your time from 5/18/15. Let me know how it goes!  Who is excited?!?  This was a hard workout, bring a positive outlook. Also, if you would like to get in to see LeeAnne for anything, tomorrow is the last

  • Mental Mondays

    The winning attitude!  I find the giving credit where credit is due to be the most challenging for me personally.  What about you guys? Monday’s WOD: Strength/Skill: Weighted Pull Ups: 3RM, work up in very small increments so we get some reps in. Conditioning: AMRAP 15min 40 Double Unders 30 KB Swings (53lbs/35lbs) 20 Suitcase