Kendrick Farris!  Look like him tomorrow.

Thursday’s WOD:

Strength:   25mins to complete

Clean: Heavy Triple.  These are full squat cleans from the floor.   You may re-grip and re-setup for each rep within the triple, but do not wait longer than 5secs between reps.  We are NOT looking for tap and go reps, we are looking for very nicely completed, strong cleans.  If you are newer to this lift, please do 5×3 at a moderate weight.  Focus on learning the form.

Conditioning: 12mins


Suitcase Holds (50kg/35kg)

Light Sumo Good Mornings (20kg bar/15kg bar)

Seated Torture Twists

CASH OUT:  4-5 mins

You choose 1000m Row/800m Row/4 mins on Bike.


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Jolly · April 16, 2014 at 10:31 pm

Gat…Dayam. I wanna know what he’s saying to himself.

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