No, not those kind of bars.   Let’s talk about weightlifting bars.  Here is some terminology that may not interest you one bit:

Grip Diameter: kind of self explanatory.  It’s the diameter of the bar where you grip with your hands.  IWF certified bars are 28mm for men’s bars and 25mm for women’s bars.  Non-IWF certified bars may vary in diameter.  Powerlifting bars tend to have a larger diameter.  And there are fat grip bars that are much larger.  Now, just because the bars that are 25mm are referred to as women’s bars and the 28mm bars are men’s bars, this does not mean that you can’t use whatever size bar you want or is available.  I see classes get really stuck when there isn’t another 25mm bar, but about 6 28mm bars.  Just use the 28mm bar.  It will actually make your grip better!

Knurl:  This is the pattern you see on the bar and it improves your grip on the bar.  Some knurling is like little shards of glass and others are almost non-existent.  We like something in the middle for routine use or crossfit WOD use and something aggressive for lifting competitions.

Whip: The ability of the bar to store elastic energy.  This is mostly important for olympic weightlifting.

Bushings or bearings:  Not getting technical on this one.  It’s what makes the ends spin.  The bearings are a lot faster and smoother than the bushings.  And therefore, a lot more expensive.

At CFSL, we have relied on Rogue bars almost exclusively.  They make a great product and it’s made in the USA.  These bars are great for our WODs and strength classes.   For olympic lifting, we need a much faster bar with proper whip and knurl, etc to not only improve performance, but improve safety as well.   We have a few of these olympic weightlifting bars in the weightlifting area.  They are never to be used for CrossFit, ever. So never.  It is preferential that none of the bars in the olympic weightlifting area leave that area.

There are tons of specialty bars over by the rowers.  You can use them for all sorts of fun stuff.


Sunday’s WOD:

A.  3 x 500m Row.  Keep them within 5 seconds of each other.

B.  3 x 200m Farmer’s Carry (wt: 53/35lbs).

C.  3 x Max Plank Hold, not to exceed 2 mins on each effort.

*You may alternate the two activities.  Please do not drop the weights during the farmer’s carry and share with your teammates.  After all, sharing is caring.



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