A question in the nutrition topics box at the gym asked about Bacon.  Happy to oblige given how much I love bacon!
Please keep the questions coming in the topic box at the front counter at the gym.
ROOF Update:  Almost done with one week.  The guys are going much faster than anticipated, so high five to them!  Friday they are supposed to be working in the dark corner by the medicine balls, please stay clear of that area.   Next weekend, Oct. 3rd, we are going to 21st Amendment here in San Leandro.  Let’s have a “no more roof trouble” party!!
Lastly, Jesseca and I leave for Salt Lake City tomorrow morning for the University National Weightlifting Championships.   Here is a live feed link.   She is scheduled to lift around 2pm local time, that may change.  I will keep you posted.   Wish her luck on her first national platform.
Friday’s WOD:
Push Jerk/Split Jerk:  Max or 8-10 sets at light weight to work on form
AMRAP 15mins
8 Pikes
6 Deadlifts (Rx: 80/55kg, Rx+: 100/70kg)
3-6 Muscle Ups OR 6 Dips
200m Run
*ONLY PIKES, no HSPU.  Choose the deadlift weight that will allow you to do every single round unbroken with great form.  The focus of the workout should not be the deadlifts.  If you have the ability to do one muscle up, please do one every round.  If you are close, but have never gotten one, this is not the time.  Use the ring thingy or another modification.
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