I just wanted to clarify the teams idea for this year’s CrossFit Games Open.  The team concept is just for fun.  We are going to have team spirit awards, best team outfit awards, most inspirational awards, etc.  The focus is on the teams having fun with each other.  There is no pressure or expectations for your performance.  If you truly do not want to be on a team, that’s ok.  I simply did it to offer another layer of fun.  Friday night is the first Open WOD as a big group.  We will start at 6:30pm.  There will NOT be a 6pm class.  There will only be a 5pm class.  Come out and cheer if you aren’t participating.

Next item:   For those of you that are still going strong with the pull up progression.  Joanie made a very nice laminated sheet that is attached to the fire hose box by the rig.  Write your name in and keep going!  I am so excited to see so many of you continuing with the progression and getting your first strict pull ups!

Lastly, I sincerely want you to email about your body composition testing.  Did it go up or down and are you happy with the results.  That’s all I want to know. Email me at info@crossfitsl.net.

Wednesday’s WOD:

Strength: 10mins on this after warm up weights

Shoulder Press 3×8-10reps  (same weight all sets.  should hit failure around 8-10reps)


AMRAP 20 min

8 Pull Ups

10 Push Ups

12 Wall Balls (20lbs/14lbs)

*Have fun.  If you are fresh out of basics, please pace yourselves!

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