Sunday’s WOD:

“Broomstick Mile”  Teams of how many ever you like.  Stay together.

With the PVC or a Bar:  (it’s meant to VERY light)  RX+: 30kg/25kg

25 Back Squats/25 Front Squats/25 Overhead Squats

400m Run

25 Shoulder Presses/25 Push Presses/25 Push Jerks

Run 400 meters

50 Squat Cleans  (bar starts just below knees)

Run 400 meters

50 Power Snatch  (bar starts just below knees)

Run 400 meters

*Stay with your teammates, so pair up with people who are at similar level to you.  If you are new or not at the level to do 50 consecutive reps of a movement, please reduce the reps for yourself.  You can choose to cut them in half, etc.  Just have a plan before you start, please!

*Compare to 5/8/13.

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