Two and a half more months in the year.  Do you have any goals that you set for the year that you are still working on?  You still have time to knock them out.  I hit a squat goal that I had been working on all year on Dec. 31st last year.  Don’t really have any goals?  Here are some ideas:  get a full strict pull up or 10 in a row, or reduce one band on strict pull ups, or run non-stop the 400m or 800m or 1mi, or do one strict push up or a 50lb weighted push up or show up a certain number times per week or ANYTHING specific and measurable.  Goals keep your mind focused on something and are a great way to stay on your fitness path.  Choose something that is important to you.  Be driven, consistent, and, most of all, be proud of yourself for every accomplishment big or small.

Tuesday’s WOD:

Strength:  5×5 of each of the following.  Go heavy and stay on task.

1. KB or DB Bent over Row (you can use something to support yourself or you can do it freestanding)  One arm at a time.

2. Is on the rings, as hard as you can make them with perfect form.


Teams of Two

4 Rounds Each 10 Toes To Bar/Quick Feet on a Big Plate *while one teammate does their T2B, the other does quick feet.  Switch every round.

4 Rounds Each 10 DB Power Snatches/Plank *while one teammate does PS, the other does plank.  Switch every round.

800m Run Together

*Complete T2B before moving onto the PS.  You choose the weight, make it challenging.  You may use a KB if you feel confident with your technique.  In the classes with light source deficits, you may row 1000m together or bike for 5mins together or do tons of shuttle runs together.



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