Reminder on lifting etiquette: when someone is lifting heavy weights, please do NOT do any of the following: talk to them, talk about them where they can hear you, walk in front of them, stand within a distance where you would be hurt if they dropped the bar, and, finally, do NOT say right before they lift said heavy weight “hey they looks really heavy”.

Thursday’s WOD:  **If you missed Murph, you may make it up today.  Please review yesterday’s post!

Strength:  Bulgarian Split Squat 3×3 each leg at ~40% of your 1RM BS.  This is meant to be with your foot up on a bench or low box.  If you do not feel safe with this, do a standard lunge squat.


4 Rounds

8 Sumo Deadlifts  (wt: 60kg/40kg)

10 Medicine Ball Cleans  (20/14lbs)

12 Lateral Jumps Over the Bar (every time over counts)

*Please use the weight that is appropriate for you.  For some this weight will be light, take this as an opportunity to do them exactly right.  For those of us who this is not light for, scale as needed.

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