Wednesday’s WOD:


1 Mile Run

100 Pull Ups

200 Push Ups

300 Air Squats

1 Mile Run

*You may partition the reps as you like.  Scaling options: 1. cut everything in half  2. cut only the reps in half  3. cut the run in half (800m run) an the reps to a quater: 25/50/75.   Rowing: 2000m for the mile run or 1000m for 800m run.  45 min time cap.  Compare to 11/18/12.

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Stewie · August 13, 2013 at 10:09 pm

Yay! Could also do 20 rds of 5 pull-ups 10 push-ups 15 squats…like Cindy on PEDs.

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