What a great weekend for viewing weightlifting and crossfit.  The annual CrossFit Games were held this weekend and the National Weightlifting Championships were also held this weekend.  Gets me all fired up to train harder.

Monday’s WOD:

Strength/Skill: Clean High Pull/Clean 6×2 increase each set, should end up around 90-95% of last weeks best clean.  Goal is to get the correct bar path on the pull and the replicate on the clean.


4 Rounds

10 DB Stationary Lunges  (wt: 45lbs/30lbs)

10 DB Power Snatches (5 ea arm, do not have to alternate)  (wt:45lbs/30lbs)

50 Double Unders

*obviously, you will be sharing the DBs.  Feel free to go heavier if you do not want to share.



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