Monday’s WOD:

Thruster 1600kg/1100kg:

Box Jumps  (24in/20in)

Thruster 1600kg/1100kg

Choose a thruster weight which you will lift until you have moved a total of 1600kg/1100kg.  The number of reps you need to lift a total of 1600kg/1100kg with a thruster, is the number reps you must do of box jumps, and then, of thrusters again.  Thruster weight cannot be changed once the workout has begun.

Example-   If an athlete chooses to do a 50kg thruster then they will have to do 32/22 reps to reach 1600kg/1100kg.  After the thruster is complete, the athlete must then complete the 32/22 box jumps and then 32/22 thrusters again.  When deciding your weight and figuring out the reps, round up on all fractional reps.  EX: if I end up with 23.3, I am doing 24reps.

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