We have a lot of competitions coming up.  If you are able to attend any of the local ones, please come out and support your teammates.

Aug. 4th Ruth in World Master Games

Aug. 9th Ernie in World Masters Games

Aug. 10th Femme Fit in Martinez:  Jen N, Joanie, Becky, Cindy F

Aug. 17th Lalanne Throwdown on Treasure Island: Jon and Amanda

Sept. 7th Power Athlete Team Comp in Union City: Ruth, Jason, Vince, and Marcus


Wednesday’s WOD:

A. EMOM: x 10 mins

Russian KB Swings  5reps (heavy for you!)

Bent over rows 5 reps (75% of best)

B.  Row 1000m

C.  100 Double Under Challenge  (coaches, please make sure this gets marked down.)




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