Strength: DB Pull Overs 5reps AND 5reps of Lateral Raises EMOM x 5mins. Do both things every minute.


A.  AMRAP 8min

5 Pike Push Ups

10 Alternating DB Power Snatches  (pick the approp. wt for you)

5 Toes 2 Bar

B. 2:30min “Grace”

Grace is 30 clean and jerks normally at 61kg/43kg.  Today you will pick a weight that you can finish the 30 reps in 2:30min or less.  Ex: my best time might be 3:30, so I might pick 35 or 38 to make under 2:30.  The clock will stop at 2:30, so work your little butt off to finish in time.

*we did this on 4/25/13.  Repeat the same weight if you did not complete all 30 reps.  If you completed all 30, go up in weight even if it’s just 1 or 2 kilos.

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