Reminders/Announcements:  Member’s Appreciation Party Feb. 16th at the Englander.  We will be honoring all of our 1yr/2yr/3yr members.   All member’s and families are welcome.

Next Basics Series starts on Feb. 18th at 715am.  Get your friends and families in here!

Thursday’s WOD:

Strength:  Deadlift 1RM, Drop to 80% AMRAP  (you will have 25mins for this)


Tabata Trunk Mania   (6 Rounds only)

Hollow Holds

Cross Body Deadlift

Half Turkish Get Up (just the sit up portion)

Chops with band on bar

*I want to go over how to climb to a 1RM again:  You are going to do 2-3 “warm up” sets these are like the bar and maybe 20-30% of what you are shooting for and are of reps from 5-10.  Then you start adding weight in an organized and incremental fashion.  For example, today’s 1RM deadlift:  it has been more than a year since I did a 1RM deadlift, but I have some sense of what I can do within 10kg.  I would do the bar 10x, 40kg 5x, 60kg 5x and then 80 for 3x, 100×1, 110×1, 115×1, 120×1, 125×1 and maybe 130×1 depending on how 125 felt and then I would be DONE.  I got to my max in 6-8sets after warm up.  This 20 set business getting you to your max or the 3 sets where you jump 40kgs at a time is absolutely costing you bigger numbers.  Learn how to climb up and stay focused.  The lighter weights need no more than 2mins rest.  Once you are on your last 1-2 sets then 3-4mins.  Let’s get strong!

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fawn · February 6, 2013 at 10:05 pm

Too much mathing. It hurts my brain.

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