Registration for the CrossFit Games Open is up.  We have a team setup and are ready to throwdown come March 6th.  We will perform the workouts every week together either on Saturday or Sunday with a few people doing them during the week.  If you are interested in participating, but have questions.  Ask us!

Friday’s WOD:

Strength:  3 sets of max consecutive HSPUs.  Scaled: Handstand holds or modified on box 3x10reps.


100 Double Unders (Rx+: 150)

5 Rounds

10 Push Press  (wt: 50kg/35kg) do not go heavier, go faster.

7 Bent Over Rows

5 Ring Dips  (Rx+: muscle up into the ring dip)

*Do the 100 Double Unders and then IMMEDIATELY start 5 rounds.  Time is for double unders and 5 rounds.  Scaling for DU: try to do as many as you can/do 250 singles/row 750m.


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