Happy New Year!  Remember that it is the start of a new month, not only a new year.  Every month we like to have all our members to state their goals for the month on the whiteboard.  This is something that is achievable in a month.  Also, we are going to have a little extra credit every week that you can do on your own.  Take a picture of this extra credit being completed, post it on facebook or instagram tagging us and you could win a prize for the week.  Don’t use the facebook or instagram?  Get a friend to post it for you.  This week’s extra credit is 4x 30sec hill sprint on our favorite hill.  Your rest is the walk back down.

Wednesday’s WOD:

Skill Work: DB or KB Snatch: spend 10mins working on this.

500m Row (this is an all out effort)

Max Consecutive Push Ups (once you rest, your set is over)

*Repeat this 4x.  Rest as long as you need between efforts.  Record times for Rows and number of push ups.  Must start on Row, so you will start once one comes available.

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