We will be running the Cindy-a-thon at both the 9am and 10am class times this coming Sunday.  Please sign up for a class time at the gym so we can plan accordingly.  This will be like holiday workouts where it doesn’t deduct from your classes for the month.  (Did you know that?)  If you are planning on being there, please plan on getting pledges or donations.  ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS: 1.  If people want tax deductions, make payment to George Mark Children’s House.  2.  If you don’t want to do Cindy, you may just donate to the cause.  3.  If you don’t want to ask for money, you  may make a donation and do Cindy.  4.  Want to do Cindy but don’t want to donate?  NOT THAT NICE!  You are not invited to the Cindy-a-thon.  Even 5 bucks would be appreciated by the families at the GMCH.  5.  Think about getting flat donations if you think it will be hard to collect by the 18th.

Tuesday’s WOD:

Strength: Shoulder Press 3RM, drop to 80% for AMRAP


5 Rounds 1 min on/1 min off

12 DB Power Snatch (6 on each side) wt: 45/35

Shuttle Run

*you must complete in less than one minute.  if you do not, you gain 10 double unders for every round you miss cut off.  double unders preformed at end.

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