A portion of the crew from the Member’s Appreciation Party.  Good times!

Monday’s WOD:

This will be more of a heavy skill day.

Strength: Find a 1RM Overhead Squat.  Please be aware you may be limited by your ability to get this overhead safely.  You will use racks and you will listen closely to your coach’s instruction.

Conditioning:  Thrusters: 3 Max Rep Efforts.  WT ideas:  40kg/25kg or 45kg/30kg or 50kg/35kg or 60kg/45kg.  Choose a weight challenging to you.  Looking for a weight that you can get about 10 reps of.  Rest 2 minutes between efforts.

Trunk: V-Ups 50 and One Leg Bridging 50 each side.  You may break up as you like.  Not for time, but no resting.


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