Common mistakes when starting out on Paleo.

I forgot to post about cramps when starting out on the Paleo diet, sorry Jenny.  Switching to strict Paleo can really become a low carb diet becuase people cut out all grains, sugars, etc.  Please read below a little about low carb and cramping.  Please work on getting all minerals from food before trying any supplements like potassium pills.  I highly recommend coconut water after workouts, but in reasonable dosages becuase it does naturally have sugar.  Make sure you are eating vegetables several times a day and having some variety.

Since low-carb dieting has a diuretic effect on the body, dieters are more likely to experience dehydration, particularly when the weather is hot and when exercise causes fluid loss through sweating. Additionally, mineral depletion is a potential factor for muscle cramps and spasms, which often occurs when you adhere to a strict low-carb plan and eliminate certain nutrient-dense foods from your diet. Too little potassium, calcium or magnesium can contribute to leg cramps.
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