Nutrition and Attendance Challenge

Dates: May 4 – June 4, 2012


  1. Eat Real Food.
  2. Record you daily scores on your nutrition calendar.  (you will use a May/June calendar like where you keep your WODs)
  3. Show up for all your training sessions.


You will give yourself a score of 0-4 based on your compliance with the Paleo Diet.

Four Points: Cavemen Status!  Everything is paleo.

Three Points: One time during the day you had a little something that wasn’t paleo, however it is not considered extremely detrimental.
Examples: Dried Fruit, Most Condiments (bbq sauce, soy sauce, ketchup), Peanuts, Whey Protein, Hummus, Real Cream in Coffee, etc…

Two Points: You had one small amount of “processed food”.   Examples: 1 beer/glass of wine, a dinner roll, a handful of fries/chips, rice, etc…

One Point: Most of your day was Paleo, but there was one full meal that you fell off the wagon.
Examples: Pasta, Pizza, more than one Soda/Juice/alcohol, grilled cheese sandwich, etc.

Zero Points: You had a bad day and made more than one mistake.
Examples: You had a couple slices of pizza and beer. Or you ate processed food at several meals.


1. You can get a bonus point for every day you drink ample amounts of water.  One oz. per pound of bodyweight is ample.

2. You can get an additional bonus point for every night you sleep more than eight hours.

The Winner

At the end of the challenge the winners will be selected based on:

  1. Attendance percentage.  (ex: I am signed up for 3xweek and came all but one class, 11/12=91%)
  2. Performance gains: May 1st WOD.
  3. Scoring: Points from daily nutrition log.

Calendars for this will be ready on Thursday.


Wednesday’s WOD:

Skill: Kipping

Weightlifting:  Shoulder Press 5x3reps increasing

Trunk: Weighted Good Mornings

Breathing: Teams of 3 complete 27 shuttle runs



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