We will not have a WOD of the month this month, instead we are going to focus on pull ups/kipping pull ups/muscle ups.  I list all of them because the focus will change depending on your current level.  As you all know, we do not teach kipping to people who have not achieved a strict pull up for shoulder safety reasons.  Also, we may recommend you stick with strict pull ups if your range of motion has some challenges.  If you are the bomb at pull ups and ready for the muscle up, that will be our focus.

Monday’s WOD:

Front Squat: 5x 70%, 3x 80%, 2×2 90%, 3x 80%, 5x 70%  percentage is based off of 1 RM front squat.

Weighted Pull Ups: find a one rep max.  If you are not able to perform a pull up without a band: 3×5 with lightest band possible and 2 sets of 3 negatives or manual resisted.

Rx+: Perform all of the above, then muscle up ladder: 1 ms up first minute, 2 ms up second minute and so on.  Do not go over 7 minutes.

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