The games skills test is this Sunday at 10:30am.  Be on time please.  And please EMAIL me that you are planning to attend.  If you have any interest in participating in the games qualifier or just want a goal to aim for, attend Sunday’s games skills test.

Jerk-a-thon:  Thursday night after Basics.  Nicole, Amanda, and I will clean and jerk as much weight as we can in 20 mins.  Feel free to come watch us suffer.  We are currently at 60% of our fundraising goal.  Thank you so much to everyone who has very generously donated.  Every bit helps!

Wednesday’s WOD:

4 Rounds

400m Row

400m Run

2 min rest between rounds.

*obviously this will be in heats for the larger classes.  if you normally row instead of run, you will either ‘sprint’ on the bike or do step ups for 2 mins.

*this is meant to be as hard as you can go and recover during your rest period.

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Chrissy Bernazzani · November 16, 2011 at 1:05 pm

I can’t wait for the workout tonight!!

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