Congratulations to our littliest lifter, Nicole.  She placed third today and hit a total of 88kg which qualified her for the American Open in Dec.  She was inspiring today.  In order for her to qualify she had to hit a 52kg clean and jerk and she hadn’t hit more than 49kg in the big 3 WEEKS she trained for this event.  She may have flinched when she heard I jumped her directly to 52kg on the second lift, but she sure didn’t flinch when she picked up that weight.  Hit it first try!  Way to go, Nicole!


Sunday’s WOD:

The Bear Complex


7 Sets of the following sequence:

Power Clean

Front Squat

Push Press

Back Squat

Push Press

5 Rounds – Work up to your max load that you can complete all seven sets in the sequence. 


No time component.

Bar cannot rest on the ground during the sequence.  You will rest between your rounds.

Increase each round. 

To scale this WOD: do 5 sets for each sequence and/or use a light weight to work on technique.

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