So it’s day three of our food challenge and this is about when things start going awry, not to mention the weekend is coming.  So it’s time to check in with your buddy and plan ahead for the weekend.  If you are going to someone’s house, let them know what you are doing and that you expect support and assistance.  Otherwise, they may inadvertently cook something or have snacks out that are off the plan.  Or they may deliberately try to sabotage you thinking they are being funny.  Also, you can eat your own food before you leave so you aren’t so hungry or tempted.  Stick with it, this has been a good first few days.

I wanted to also say I really like the skill work a lot of you have been adding at the end of the workout.  Consistent work on a weak area or goal is the way to really become proficient at a movement and definitely the way to achieve a goal.  Good work.

Friday’s WOD:

Back Squat work

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