Congratulations to everyone today.  Great work on Fran.  We will be having a Member’s Appreciation BBQ on Oct. 8th, 11am.  I haven’t decided which park yet, so I will keep you posted.  Plan to be there and to have some fun with your CFSL family.

Also, we have two members who are itching to do the Oktoberfit.  They need one more teammate.  Somebody, please make their dreams come true.  Remember, there is a scaled division.

Tuesday’s WOD:


warm up, then 5x @60% 1RM, 3x @75% 1RM, 2x @90% 1RM, then 3 sets of 1 rep at 95-100% of previous 1 RM.  If you haven’t a clue what your 1 Rep Max is, find it today.  If you recently got a 1RM, do the workout as it’s written.


As a team of two:  Complete 2 Rounds each

Ring Push Ups

200m Farmer’s Carry (wt:53lbs, 35lbs)

One person does ring push ups until other person is done with Farmer’s Carry.

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Chrissy Bernazzani · September 27, 2011 at 1:42 pm

I would be interested in hearing more about the Oktoberfit and possibly joining the team. How do the scaled back versions work? Obviously I am really new to! 😉

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