Here is Marcus paying his 50 burpee penalty for stacking the plates incorrectly.   Why do we enforce such rules?  Longevity of the equipment, cleanliness and organization, and mostly, about paying attention to what we are doing.  Paying attention to the details.  Have you ever heard the saying “The devil is in the details”?  If you look it up, it talks about it coming from a much older saying; “God is in the detail”.  The words Devil and God is way too inflammatory for this little ol’ blog, so let’s just say “The product is in the details”.  Our health and fitness is the product.  So how does stacking the weights properly have anything to do with your health/fitness?  Here is what I contend:  the more we focus on what we are doing, the more we pay attention to the details, the more successful we will be in our CrossFit program.  Learning things like the kipping pull up, olympic lifts, or even an air squat is all about learning the little details that make that movement successful or not for you.  This doesn’t only apply to the movements.  Have you ever been in a class with 12 people trying to do double unders all at once?  I have seen so many of you just walk right in front of your teammates because you are so fatigued or focused or whatever else.  This is when you must pay attention to the details the most, when you are struggling.  Walking into a jump rope isn’t that big of a deal, but walking into a barbell or kettlebell is a big deal and probably would affect your immediately health.  Try being more aware and paying attention to the details the next few days.  See what happens.  If nothing else, you may remember where you put your car keys.

Now on the other end of this spectrum is only focusing on the details.  (that’s another post, but for now, take a deep breath and have some fun)

4 Rounds
10/5/3 Strict Pull Ups
15 Front Squat
wt:45kg, 30kg

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