1.  We added a 9am class on MWF.  Join us. 

2.  We will be running FGB this Saturday.  Please visit this website to donate and learn more about the fundraiser.

3.  We will be hosting the Grace/Barbells For Boobs event again this year.  We will have it on Oct. 29th in the evening.  Afterwards we will have a Halloween party.  Stay tuned for details.  Last year we had 26 people participate and I would love to have double that this year. 

4.  We missed our 1 year anniversary in the new place and want to do a little something to show our appreciation for all of our members.  We are thinking a BBQ at a park sometime soon.  Maybe Oct. 1st or 8th.  This will be for the members and their families.  Again, we will keep you posted.

5.  Is it time for another food and/or fitness challenge?

Tuesday’s WOD:

This is fitness test WOD we did for the fitness and food challenge.  Compare to 7/8/11

Each are timed seperately:

800m Run

50 Pull Ups

50 Push Ups

100 Sit Ups

100 Squats


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