I know you have heard me say that CrossFit can be a lot more than just physical training.  Today’s WOD was one of those moments where your actions in the workout could be similar to the way you approach parts of your life.  If you were on a team today, ask yourself how you reacted.  Did you worry that your team would be waiting on you so you cheated yourself to save them or did you get frantic and start messing up?  Did you cheer on your teammate during the double unders even if they were taking forever or did you secretly get angry?  Did you rest forever during the burpees and front squats?  Really think about your reaction to the situation and see how else it applies to your life.  We work in teams for work, in families, etc.  If you are consistently sacrificing yourself for the team, try something different.  Try putting yourself first and see how it goes.  If you have no tolerance for people not being able to do something, evaluate how that is affecting you and your relationships.  You get the point!

Friday’s WOD:

Tabata of:


Ring Dips

Walking Lunges

Shoulder Press (wt:20kg, 15kg)

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