Great job to our lifters today!  Each person PR’d in more than one lift.  Thanks to all the supporters.  I posted all the photos on Facebook.  Check it out.

Monday’s WOD:

In honor of our powerlifters  (don’t worry we will have something for you all to do)


5x, 4x, 3×3 (increase to ~85% of 1RM and complete all sets of 3 at same weight)

Reminder:  Please no unnecessary dumping of weights.  On the deadlift, that means no dumping.  Just put it down.  Our neighbors appreciate this.  To keep with the quiet theme, let’s also work on limiting the screaming.  I know we all get pumped when we hit a PR, however I think the ladies next door getting their hair did don’t care to be frightened right out of their highlights.  Thank you so much in working to keep the noise under control.

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