Check out this story about how Under Armour got started. Nothing like belief and determination.

Thursday’s WOD:
Shoulder Press
10x, 7x, 5x, 3×3 find a heavy weight and stick with it for all 3 sets of 3.

3 Rounds
1 min stations of
weighted sit ups (wt:15,10kg plate)
plank with knees to elbow
weighted step ups (wt:30, 20lb each hand)

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pat kennedy · July 24, 2011 at 8:10 pm

One of the best outlines of what you have to do to creat a company is on the Sequoia Capital web site:

I looks simple but it is not – remember these are the guys that started several of the real heavy weights in Silicon Valley – there are rumored to be 9 billionairs that walk the halls.


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