Here is a quick and easy read on Finding Motivation.  I know it can be tough to always convince yourself to come to the gym, so learning some tricks to motivate yourself to show up can be very helpful.  Find out what is really driving you and remind yourself of this every day.

Reminder: November Basics class starts tomorrow night at 6:30pm, so Tues. and Thurs. are back to open gym unless you want to do the basics workout for that day with the coach.  Use open gym to work on skills or do the WOD done in the regular classes, keep in mind no one will be coaching or assisting you.  Open gym ends at 7:30pm.


Tabata of:  (Tabata is 8 consecutive rounds where each round is 20 sec on and 10 sec off)

Box Taps



Sit ups

Total reps is score.  Look back to Oct. and compare you totals for each movement.

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