Since the holidays are just around the corner, I thought I would post some articles I thought were interesting about weight gain between Thanksgiving and the New Year.   Most people have heard that the average person gains around 5lbs.  According to the one study it’s actually more like a pound to a pound and a half for the average participate in the study.  And people who were already overweight gained more like 5lbs according to another study.  The interesting part of the findings is that this one pound could contribute to long-term obesity problems because people don’t generally lose that pound during the year.   They also found, not surprisingly, that the people who were the most physically active gained the least weight.  So, even though life gets hectic during this time with family, work, world series, etc. make a goal for yourself to get in the gym consistently every week.  One way to help this is to decide which classes are your classes to attend and let friends and family know you have a prepaid class that you must attend on Tues, Thurs and Sat, etc.  This becomes part of your routine and people are less likely to innocently interfere if they know those are your days for class.  Also, consider bringing a dish for the holidays that is more Paleo or Primal.  Trust me this stuff tastes GOOD and no one has to know that it is healthier.  Remember healthier should not mean less flavor.  Change your mindset about low-calorie and low-fat and switch to high quality foods with high nutritional value. 

Here are the links to the studies:
Holiday Weight Gain Study
Overview of two studies.

Tuesday’s WOD:

7 Rounds

30 feet Overhead Walking Lunge

10x Lateral Jumps

6x Burpees

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