Tuesday’s WOD:
1 RM Weighted Pull Up
Team “Jackie”
Teams of Two:
2500m Row
125 Thrusters (Bar Only)
75 Pull Ups
*Share the reps as you like.  Must complete each movement prior to moving on.
10 Simple & Healthy Rules for your Lifestyle
I am not a huge fan of the word “diet” because I feel like so many people view this word as temporary for a goal now and not something the look at long term.  There is often a negative feel when someone thinks of the word “diet”.  Dieting to me means what we eat to survive and thrive.  I prefer to call this eating health for my lifestyle.  Try the 90/10 rule of eating healthy whole foods 90% of the time and 10% allowing yourself to indulge.  If you have allergies or intolerances to a specific food…the choice on what to indulge or eat is completely yours and yours alone.  Listen to your body and find out what you can tolerate and what you can’t.  Your body sends you signals via the skin, digestive tract, mind, sleep, etc.
Personally, I know I can’t tolerate gluten at ALL so I never ever eat it.  Cow dairy on the other hand I do get some digestion and skin issues with but sometimes I indulge because I absolutely LOVE gourmet cheeses and know that I can live with the reaction as long as it’s not something I do regularly.  In addition I like to save my indulgences for going out to dinner or eating at a friend’s when I don’ know 100% what or how the food was prepared (I ask when dining out and most of my friend’s eat the same way I do so it’s not much of a challenge on that front).
Here are 10 simple healthy rules to follow for your lifestyle long term:
1.Do not eat ANY food with guilt.  i.e. Enjoy the cheese on your burger or the piece of pie this holiday season. Guilt causes a negative reaction in our bodies and that is not something we want when we are trying to lead a healthy & happy lifestyle.
2.If you can’t read the ingredients on the label…your body won’t know what to do with it either.  Don’t EAT IT!
3.Is the ingredient list over 5 and you can’t read (again) the ingredients…Don’t buy it. Save your money for real nutrient dense food
1.Best food has only 1 ingredient or 2 if it has multiple vegetables.  Example: Organic frozen carrots.  Flip it over the ingredients should only be organic carrots.
4.Long shelf life? Does it take forever to spoil?  All food that’s from the earth or animals spoils in good time.  Steer clear of the chemical laden packaged foods.
5.Limit fruit juices (store bought not the kind you have juiced at home and not added sugar or high fructose corn syrup into)…store bought juices are almost just as bad as soda.  Yes really!
6.Drink 8-10 glasses of water DAILY!  Herbal tea counts.  If you are consuming LOTS of fruits & vegetables they count towards your water consumption as well for the day (if so reduce by 2 glasses).
7.It’s okay to leave food on your plate – know your portions or macronutrient needs for your goals and try to stick with it 90-100% of the time.
8.Eating meats?  Great try and source the best possible within your budget.  Prioritize your health goals and your grocery bills
1.Cattle & Lamb – Both are meant to eat grass NOT grains.
2.Chickens & Turkeys eat worms not vegetarian feed.  News alert they aren’t vegetarian!
3.Pigs eat forage & bugs/worms in the wild.
9.Buy foods from local farms or farmer’s markets.  We are spoiled here in Cali because we have access to local farms and farmer’s markets YEAR round.  The produce and meat are plentiful and the healthy options are endless.  It’s better to buy local and not organic than it is to buy organic from Trader Joe’s where the produce might be coming from say China.  The produce is most likely picked to early and kept in freezers and lacks the nutrients local food offers.  If it’s not in season locally don’t buy it because the price will reflect as such.
10.Eat LOADS of vegetables but especially greens! They are LOADED with antioxidants and micronutrients.
1.If you can’t afford to buy all organic buy the dirty dozen as organic only.
2.Consume the dirty dozen organic – http://www.ewg.org/foodnews/
1.There is an app you can download to your smart phone from EWG…so it’s ALWAYS handy.
2.The only time I stray from buying organic with the dirty dozen is when I am at the farmer’s market and I can talk with the farmer’s to see if they used anything toxic on their produce.  In most cases they do everything as an organic farm but can’t afford to pay for the organic certification.  In this case I support these farmer’s as well.
Happy Holidays!
Chrissy Bernazzani, NE, NC
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